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15 Purr-Fect Cat Birthday Cake Ideas ( For Crazy Cat Lovers Only)

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Calling all cat lovers! This one’s for you

Anyone who owns a cat knows that these cuddly little animals are way more than just a pet — your cat is your fur-baby, and they deserve just as much love and attention as any real baby would get. That means that cats deserve to be celebrated, especially on their birthdays — because honestly, where would you be without them?

15 Perfect Cat Birthday Cake Ideas

From super cake

1. Chocolate Kitty Cake



 This black and white chocolate for both crazy cat ladies and chocolate lovers

2. Black Cat Scratch Cake



 Who can resist such a cute little thing? 🐱 Adorable how this cat plays with its toy. Love the creativity behind this wonderful cake by @cakencakery! Her details with the knitting ball and her design are gorgeous! She is using our scratching cat cutters

3. Cat Tree Cake



Kitty Cat KAKE! Bottom 2 tiers iced in Buttercream.
Top tier covered in Marshmallow Fondant.
Marshmallow Fondant decorations.
Happy Birthday

4. Strawberry Cake with Sprinkles Cat With Joy


5. Chocolate Banoffee with Vanilla Buttercream


A cut and simple Cat cake for a Cat lover.

Flavour- Chocolate Banoffee with Vanilla buttercream

6. Fresh Strawberry Cream Cake



This cake was made for a lovely girl who loves her cat a lot

7. Small Cake Mince With Biscuits 

 Her owner is not a professional baker, but still, the birthday cake is awesome

To small cake

8. Kitties With Yawn Cake


9. Happy Vanilla Strawberries Cake For a Cat Lover

The gal who is getting this cake loves strawberries and cats so it’s only right she gets a strawberry flavored cat cake for her birthday


10. Queen Pink Kitty Birthday Cake


11. Kitty Adorable Birthday Cake With Big Eyes


12. The Rainbow With Cat Face Cake


13. Bubblegum Butter Cream Cake


14. Black Kitty With Happy Face (Seriously, this one is my fav)


15. Small Cat Cake

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