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19 Pets That Have Something That Matches Their Owners

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Our pets are very smart. They can “copy” what their owners do correctly, both facial expressions and gestures. These adorable fluffy guys may even make you get jealous of their skills. Just look at photos of the pets and their owners. Clearly, these guys are in the spotlight, not the human next to them.

And our post today is about 19 pets that have something that matches their owners. A dog whose eye colors look like his owner, a cat with the same sulking reaction as his human sibling, or a dog that shares the same facial expression when taking selfies with his dad. These are enough to make you say “aww”. These animals are so adorable and mischievous, sometimes. Let’s check them out!




1. Does the facial expression and me and my human brother match? Most of the humans around me say yes when seeing this pic

2. Just love the eye colors of the two!

3. A selfie with the same expression. There is so much cuteness in here

4. They even got the same eye colors. Amazing!

5. Who is cooler? I or the guy standing next to me?

6. The hair color matches!

7. Huh? You are saying that forgot to buy me snacks? You’re getting me irritated

8. Let’s say “Ahhh” together, brother! Who has a bigger mouth

9. This is how my dog acts when I come to her room to check whether she is sleeping or not. Every kid has the same expression, right?

10. I just love the fragrance of the morning tea, as my human owners

11. These guys look like twins. Their facial expressions even match

12. I’m super excited. We’re going to the destination for the picnic

13. Like mother, like daughter?

14. Do what I do, sis. Just act like we’re queens. Try to copy my facial expression in the best way that you can

15. What is happening in over there? I’m a bit scared

16. This is how my dog responds when getting angry with me. He doesn’t want to see me until I say apology to him. Who is the owner?

17. When I and my dad join the “show off your tongue” challenge. Who does it better?

18. Let’s say “aww” together sister! Who is cuter?

19. I’m interested in pole dance, and you?


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