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30 Pets Don’t Understand Why Their Humans Keep Laughing At Them

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Our pets have their rules and logic. They don’t find anything “unusual” with their facial expressions, postures, and gestures but their owners keep laughing at them. Is there anything wrong? Their humans even think that their “systems” sometimes crash temporarily. Who are the weird guys here? Their humans or them?

In this post, we’re excited to share 30 photos that prove pets can’t always understand their owners. These adorable animals just look at their owners with an innocent or doubted face. And this turns out incredibly adorable. It can always bring you smiles and laugh, making your day more interesting. If you are raising a pet, you will know how colorful your life is. Even their trouble and “petty” crimes may also add spice to your day. So good!

1. Dream of winning even when he’s sleeping

2. Why everything is so dark right now!

3. Chill in my own way

4. I know that you are making fun of me. I’ve taken a life lesson: Never disturb the bees

5. A dog with a cat sitting position. But he doesn’t realize it at all

6. Everything is boring. Nothing can raise my mood

7. Cat.exe has stopped working

8. I’m doing the most difficult pose of yoga. Do you get jealous of me?

9. He keeps sitting like this when I refuse to give him some cheese before meal

10. There are a lot of rolls here

11. Oh, you are scaring me, hooman. What do you want to do!

12. This cat is a master of camouflage

13. Huh? You are saying what? I’m the boss in this family. I can do whatever I want. Sitting like this is totally ok

14. You are a sneaky man. You don’t listen to me

15. He keeps sitting like this for 30 minutes. I don’t know what’s wrong with him

16. I’m staying mad with you, hooman. You don’t keep your words

17. Play hide and seek. Do you guys want to join me?

18. I’m a small little girl. Why are you looking at me and laughing out loud

19. Sit like you are posing for a magazine cover, guys

20. Do you think of a turkey when seeing this pic?

21. Sometimes, I just forget how to sit

22. Why you keep staring at me as if I’m an alien. I just want to ask you for some food

23. I see the mud and can’t wait to chill with it for a while

24. You are scaring the living life out of me, hooman

25. Stop! hooman! You are making me made. Just look at what you have done with me

26. You are making fun of my grumpiness. You are a sneaky man

27. The best cat meme of the day!

28. I just want to rest for a while during the walk. Is there anything wrong with it?

29. You are getting me embarrassed, hooman. Why you keep staring at me?

30. One of his favorite sitting position


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