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Cheer Up Your Weekend With Cute Cat And Kitties Videos

KingdomOfCat Admin

Cats are funny and they are sometime have hilarious moment, we just received some cat memes my fans send me through email, and I love to share them to all visitor who visit my website

Take a look, and don't forget to send to your friend

1. Does your cat also play fetch?

From @smoothiethecat

2. I’m definitely the sleepy cats at the end 

From @youngestoldcatlady

3. You are about to hear a portion of an actual conversation regarding feeding time

From @kitten_faces

4. Hi there every-pawdy, how are ya today

From @love2foster

5. I can’t decide what I love most about this video

From @kittenbnb

6. What do you want for Christmas?

From @misuandfriends

7. So sweet and talkative

From @kitten.nuggets

8. If only I were a few inches taller

From @sterlingsilvercat

9. This is hilarious in slow motion

From @jeanpawdvandamme

10. Come here lil chips, lemme grab you

From @the_three_fluffsters

11. When you be searching fly your Christmas presents like

From @Sphynxofmyheart

12. That little foot...those eyes

From @triumphant_teagan

13. It’s always a busy week for him!

From @mimo_and_kirry

14. Remember to check the street before you cross

From @primuscat

15. If I'm not playing, nobody is playing

From @charlot_cat_

16. I can literally feel that

From @nalalovesbalu

17. Sound on for the cronch

From @marleymalin

18. That bite tho

From amanda.joyce21 on TikTok

19. the perfect knife... oh human, haha me just dumb cat mew mew

From @cecilandsimon

20. To sleep on the bed you must be fluffy and say meow

From @dontstopmeowing

21. You’re gonna get it buddy! Just keep trying

From @yyccats

22. I love it when they chatter!

From @siriusandpuma

23. Bath supawvisor

From @miesthecat

24. Ear Wiggle airlines now open for virtual flights

From @kitty_fostering_oz

25. I could watch this all day

From @nigel_the_british_shorthair

26. Do you have a sibling that drives you crazy yet you can’t you imagine life without them?

From @joyandtreasure

27. Bath day for the new kittens that came in last night

From @youngestoldcatlady

28. Dreaming about tuna

From @taroandzippo

29. This human is bugging me

From @dubuthefluffy

30. All of the kittens are asleep in my lap except one

From @love2foster

31. Baby Jasmine getting some playful belly rubs and toe beam massage

From @teenytinyfosters

32. Time spent with cats is never wasted

From @Missenell

33. Raise your paws if you are adorable.

From @rody.tino.tomoko

34. Stay alert everyone!! A monster named vacuum is approaching

From @taroandzippo

35. I don’t think he has a clue just how cute he is

From @kitten_faces

36. Nothing but fun

From @captainandpickle

37. Fun with leaves

From @furryfritz

38. Good night, fluff

From @toffee_scottish

39. Bonservisim patimde

From @kedimiril

40. Attack on kittens!

From @kitty_fostering_oz

41. The very best welcome home committee. 13/10 would recommend

From @whiskersnpurrs

42. I never eat alone, what a lovely gang

From @purrasicduck

43. Peekaboo hooman!

From @hinako_munchkin

44. Wait for her fluffy pose!

From @ari_the_panther

45. It’s not even that cold here. But catto likes to be warm

From @bowieandjimmy

46. A cat that helps you eat healthy

From @kitty.chloeykenshin

47. Power nap before second dinner

From @chonkyfloofs

48. A ball plays with a ball, how precious

From @kevin_britishcat

49. So sweet omg love seeing cats be that affectionate

From @justmangobrown

50. Happy Paw-liday 

From @rover_thecat

51. The awkward moment when Daddy wiping his...

From @nyannian_neko

52. You ring it your way and I'll ring it mine

From @leonard_you_rascal

53. I’m ok, I’m just dramatic sometimes

From @chiiinstacat

54. All I want for Christmas is treats!

From @chicagoblackcat

55. Someone wants shower time

From @i_am_whiskey_thecat

56. Pretty sure that he's saying that he'd like to eat said pigeons!

From @kk.benzy

57. Today’s squeak is brought to you by former foster boy Chubba

From @kitty_fostering_oz

58. Where is our food!

From @kitten.nuggets

59. There’s no such thing as the perfect ca....

From @adventurously_mijo

60. So yummy, thank you hooman

From @pazutaki

61. FaceTiming Santa to see if we’re on the nice list

From @miesthecat

62. This is so cute all of them watching tv

From @missenell

63. Sometimes we have to just stop for a minute to relax, breathe, & refuel

From @venustwofacecat


64. It’s called furshion Brenda look it up

From @sonyakisa8

65. Why does this fit so perfectly with the music

From TikTok catz202

66. The pain is so worth it 

From @ketnipz

67. It’s a marble loaf cake!

From @twosilverfloofs

68. Meow montage

From @5catspie

69. Me when I see couples giving each other affection

From @mollynoelxo

70. Zog isn’t so sure about all this coming together business. He says it’s all rather suffocating

From @balam_says

71. I want someone to cuddle me like this

From @ohanakittyfostering

72. My 2 brain cells during an exam

From Mellamprey (TikTok)

73. The whole fam starts raising chickens so our fur babies can have shiny coats

From Horsethey (TikTok)


74. Charging intensifies, he is connecting

From Aylathechonk (TikTok)

75. He woke up and chose violence

From Blooptybloop (TikTok)

76. Masterpiece, They're melting and no ones helping them!

From @jonesy_and_reilly

77. He tryin to get to the water at the bottom

From Luce_75 (TikTok)

78. Welcome, to Purrasic Parc, meet TyCATosaurus Rex

From Robinout (TikTok)

79. That his ham now. Accept your loss

From Blossomarmstrong (TikTok)

80. He do be going splish splash doe

From Bennieandjenna (TikTok)

81. Great questions. So deep, very thought provoking

From Catladytails (TikTok)

82. Everything you’re doing right now, I did 3 years ago, lil fella

From @jadescatstagram

83. He was beefing but he remained polite and charming

From Dessyroo (TikTok)

84. How many hands do you have, nana? Why do they keep coming like dat

From Tattedtavi (TikTok)

85. Loving life, I want to be this kitty

From @gato.bengal

86. These babies are starting to show their personalities

From @kittenbnb

87. So tiny! What a little sweetie

From @kellyfosterkittens

88. Go big or go home” was the theme in Kittenland this evening

From @kitten_faces

89. The Duck and Goose daily zoomies, I love the T-Rex kitty

From @purrasicduck

90. Can any of you relate?? (Sound up)

From @moetblindcat

91. Sound on: Who is she chirping to?

From @maxiecoon

92. Meowing cats always brighten up my day

From kite353 on TikTok

93. I want this kitties, this is ameowzing, so adorable

From @supermassivemusic

94. A born scremmer, so true

From @libertyautumn

95. Is this what heaven looks like?

From cat_kitty66 on TikTok

96. What is she saying?

From @woocy_woo

97. Some clack clack ,This almost gives me the tingles

From @miesthecat

98. I don't know how to caption this, but cute

From sophie_doucet19

99. POV: u r a Christmas gift

From @whitetrufflehashbrown

100. A holiday chat with a holiday cat ! Wishing you ALL a very meowy Catmas

From @justmangobrown

101. Meowmy’s little helper

From @sterlingsilvercat




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