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Kittens Find Their Way to Garden Together and Won't Leave Each Other's Side

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Two kittens were found in a garden together. Not only did they look alike, but they shared an adorable bond.



Micheline, an animal rescuer based in Montreal, Canada, was helping neighborhood strays when she came across two tiny black kittens needing rescue.

The pair had wandered to a garden outside a resident's home, and were scrounging around for food. The kittens were just a few weeks old, looked nearly identical, and kept each other close the entire time.

Micheline was able to get them to safety and brought them to her local rescue, Chatons Orphelins Montréal. The kittens bid farewell to life on the streets that day, and embarked on a new journey.

"We named the twins Stella and Ally. They were very shy when they arrived. Our foster volunteer Lena took them in, so they could socialize in a comfortable home," Celine Crom of Chatons Orphelins Montréal shared with us. "They quickly took to their new cat tree and even took a nap together in it."

After they mustered enough courage, the two decided to explore around their new abode. They were never out of eyesight from each other as they continued their many adventures indoors.

They came out of their shells and even started to seek attention as they figured out their new toys and warmed up to their human friends.

"They both come running if they spot a feather toy. They create a ruckus when they play, but they also savor the quiet moments together, and cuddle up to each other when they sleep."

"The sisters are completely inseparable. If they cannot see each other, they will immediately try to seek out one another," Celine shared with us.

Ally, the smaller of the two, has a larger-than-life personality. The mischievous kitty is always on the lookout for trouble, and her energy quickly rubs off on Stella.

Even the resident cats find the dynamic duo fascinating as they follow each other around the house, where Ally takes the lead and Stella follows.

Ally is protective of Stella and always comes to her rescue whenever her sister needs her. They share nearly everything together -- their food, toys, beds and the cat tree.

"Ally is outgoing and very playful while Stella is a bit reserved. They complement each other perfectly," Celine shared with us.

"If one of them gets petted, both of them switch on their purr motors at the same time."

With the help of many volunteers, the two sisters have blossomed into gorgeous panther kitties and are now ready for their next chapter in life.

Knowing how much they depend on each other, the rescue hopes to find them a loving home together.

Stella and Ally have grown to be full-fledged cuddlers. They insist on getting snuggle time together, doubling the affection and purrs.

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