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Kittens Found Near Road, Stay Together and Share Special Bond from Day One

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Two kittens have been each other's biggest support since they were found together on the side of the road.




A pair of kittens was spotted near the road at less than one day old. The mother had left them behind and was nowhere to be found. The calicos kept each other going despite having no food.

A Good Samaritan scooped them up and rushed to get them help. With the assistance of volunteers, the feline sisters were brought to Sparkle Cat Rescue (in North Carolina), to be looked after by an experienced fosterer.

Upon receiving the kittens, Sarah Kelly, their Foster Mom, started feeding them every two hours around the clock. After getting all cleaned up and their bellies filled, the kittens, Soleil and Luna, nuzzled up to a snuggle toy inside their incubator, and went right to sleep.

They were so small but already showed incredible strength and will to live. The sisters were huddled up together and wouldn't leave each other's side.

Tiny neonates this young are vulnerable to infections without a mother's milk. Luna developed an eye infection that required daily treatment.

Soleil became exceptionally protective of her sister, and wriggled her way to find Luna after each feeding. She would drape her body over Luna or keep a paw on her at all times, as if she was trying to comfort her.

From the start, the calico sisters were like two peas in a pod, completely inseparable.

Soleil was Luna's biggest cheerleader, staying by her side the entire week during her recovery. "She loved Luna so much and was pretty attached."

Little Luna looked up to her sister and followed in her paw-steps. Every time Sarah came in with bottles in her hands, the kittens started singing the song of their people, with Soleil taking the lead and Luna sweetly following for a perfect duet.

Soleil, the confident, outgoing sister, reached up to grab and nuzzle into her foster mom's face, while Luna observed attentively, learning from the best.

Once the kittens were big enough, they were upgraded to a spacious suite with a large playpen to roughhouse in. The dynamic duo continued to perfect their gait together. They were constantly within each other's eyesight, mimicking one another when they played.

"These girls have so much personality. Soleil is sweet, affectionate, and obsessed with attention, while Luna is sassy, cautious, curious, and loving."

Soleil has always been a positive light to her sister, looking out for her and encouraging her to try new adventures. She is a purr machine who loves to get her belly rubbed and will knead on any soft things she can find.

"She always made us smile. It was impossible not to be absolutely in love with this tiny light," Sarah said.

The two sisters have been together since the day they were found on the side of the road. They are joined at the hip, constantly plotting their next antic.

When it came time to find their forever home, Sarah hoped a special family would open their hearts to both kittens, so they could stay together forever.

After more than two months in foster care and a lot of anticipation, the feline sisters had their dream come true.

"They were officially adopted together. That was the very 'happy ending' we dreamed of for them," Sarah wrote.

"We are so excited for them and their wonderful new family."

The kittens, Nala (renamed) and Luna, are living the best life with people that adore them to bits.

"They are doing great in their forever home. They are so loved and spoiled. We are so happy for these girls who will always hold a special place in our hearts."

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