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These Cats Are Making Trouble and They Are Proud Of It

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Cats are companions that bring so much love to our lives. In fact, they enrich our lives so much that there are documented scientific benefits! Surely, because of all the good they bring to our hearts and homes, that is why we tolerate their shenanigans. Let's face it, cats are intelligent and intelligence goes paw in paw (as opposed to hand in hand, of course) with mischief.

Over time, and due to the nature of a cat's potential naughty factor combined with our endless nondiscriminatory obsession with them, we've found that even when cats misbehave we love them for it. Our coping mechanism of choice? "Public shaming." Case in point, these delightfully naughty cats

1. Can't talking right now because I'm too high meow meow

2. I though that hamster was a fur

3. Just trying to be a balancing athlete, but who know

4. Just want to show off who is the boss

5. But he is yummy and I want to rub in that belly

6. Mistakes was made

7. I just bringing surprise for you

8. What a "friendly" cat

9. I think he is one of those special needs furry friends, the eyes tell you everything.

10. I just want to show who is the boss of this house

11. There goes the money

12. I want to swim with my friend in there

13. It could not have been tasty.

14. Eating yarn is fun

15. You are one creepy cat

16. Just doing catty stuff

17. This is my house! Doggo must leave

18. You better watch out of me

19. The toilet paper started first, not me

20. You are welcome at here

21. Just want to let them know, who is the boss around here

22. You can't blame him

23. Sabotaging the popcorn

24. It seems all cats are friendly when they want something.

25. I don't like it when people clean my stuff

26. Mean kitty

27. My cat just want to remind me to wash bed weekly

28. I spill everything

29. Because it has a taste of fish on there...

30. You should be punished



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