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Happy and Hilarious Catto Videos Will Make You Smile

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1. I've already started working on my new year resolutions:⁠ To listen less and to sleep more

From @albusdorycats

2. I wanted to quit all my bad habits for the new year, but then I remembered that nobody likes a quitter

From @jai_theragdoll_and_jerry

3. Beware of the dog, how fluffy is this fella

From @robert_sijka

4. Do I have any fun and productive plans for the week? You bet I do …….. hehe, meow

From @boyle_the_cat

5. They see me loafin'
They hatin'⁣⁠
Patrolling and tryin' to catch me bakin'⁣⁠
Tryin' to catch me bakin' dirty

From @janaleylasiamese

6. Full of energy for the morning, wake up people

From @simabossneko

7. Ordered some brioche buns from Wilfred and he got to making them straight away. They're his speciality

From @wilfredwarrior

8. New year, same vegetals, same cattitude. Where is the chimken hooman

From @smudge_lord

9. How adorable this tiny fella, I want to touch his nose so much

From @rabbithuppycatkees

10. Suzume & Unagi, Love how careful they are with each other

From @suzume0513

11. Lovely cattos, all I need for weekend is someone cuddle me like this!

From @hosafvesarican

12. Don't forget to brush your teeth everytime before sleep

From @_maron_fran

13. Silly kitty! They're so funny without even trying

From @ddo_o_da

14. No eyes, no problem. I can still tell that this is the best 3am toy ever

From @magicmaxthecat

15. Gimme gimme that fish hooman, silly lil fella

From @mynameis_bono

16. I got u! Oh..no? This is too cute

From @simba.theshortie

17. Challenging you hooman with yoga

From @hanachan_316

18. He’s BIG Chillin. That's not a cat, that's a dressed up slinky, just being a handsome kitty

From @__prestonwalker

19. Just a tiny smol kitty wish you have a great day

From @kuri__120

20. One more walk across the dining table

From @iivana_theshipcat

21. The ingredient has escaped! How lovely they are

From @russiaby2

22. When you trying to itch it’s chin and be cute at the same time

From @waintobunta

23. More crawling around, it's fun time ahead

From @lucky_theblackcat_1

24. Lazy Mondays, this is me, is that you?

From @krevettcat

25. This is tiny me, Milly being brave and scared all at the same time

From @millysilkiestar

26. Best paws for life baby, let me help you bath hooman

From @natalia.mlv

27. Miss Hangrypants, the pawty has been started

Bailey would often have her little fits when feeding. She had a love/hate relationship with the bottle. I assure you, she never went without a meal; sometimes it just took a little longer with her. She became a huge fan of wet kitten food and was also a kitten with a purr stuck on high volume. She was one of a kind

From @kitten_faces

28. Just me and my little chocolatey self, The liquor guard - best job in the house

From @sazandremy

29. Luu: Always love, follow you, meowmy

From @felirafelira

30. When you find a good spot in the garden for grooming

From @cynthiamalan

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