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How to Care for Cats in Summer: 9 Care Tips

It’s that time of the year again when the sun shines fiercely and the temperature seemingly rises indefinitely. Extreme summers can be a grueling experience not just for humans but for their pets as well, during the summer months, cats are just as at risk of dehydration and heatstroke as the rest of us

Cat relax in the room

 Here are 9 tips to keep your feline friend well-fed and hydrated during warmer months.

9 Tips for keeping your cat cool in summer

1. Keep your cat stay hydrated

 Too much water is better than ever, always keep fresh water available in several different spots

cat drinking water in a bowl

Thirsty kitten

Tips: provide several bowls around the house, you can also drop a few ice cubes into water bowls

Water fountains for cat provide a constant stream of water, inspiring cats to drink even more

2. Don’t leave food out for too long

cat food bowl


Dry food is better than every in summer because it attracts fewer insects. If you want to feed your cat with wet food, that is alright, you just always need to keep it from drying out


3. Grooming daily

 Matted hair traps heat so give them a daily groom if possible. This is especially important for long-haired cats, grooming a cat is another summer essential

grooming an orange cat

Combing a ginger cat

With each heatwave, your cat’s body is likely to shed mountains of fur. This is prime hairball season, so take care to groom your cat daily with a de-shedding tool. There have been cases where hairballs the size of baseballs were removed from the stomachs of cats, and most of these cases are preventable with regular grooming.

4. It's time to become indoor cats

cat staying indoor in bed

The ground can be very hot for a cat’s sensitive paws which have very little protection. If you cannot hold the back of your hand on the ground for five seconds due to the heat, it is too hot for your cat (or dog) to walk on.


5. Fleas

 Fleas are a problem throughout the year, but they are especially bad during the summer months. Ensure you use a good quality flea control product on your cat and don’t forget to treat the environment too! Your veterinarian will be able to advise you on the best products to use.

6. Eliminate Unhealthy Water Sources

 When your cat is thirsty, she’ll try to drink anything, whether it’s safe for her or not, so eliminate any dangerous sources of water.

-Indoors, this might include a toilet. If you use chemical self-cleaners (or if family members are lax about flushing), keep the lid down.

-Outdoors, empty any standing water receptacles that can harbor dangerous bacteria and parasites

7. Shelter or any shady places

 Provide easy access to shaded places, like under a deck or a lush green expanse with shrubs and trees offers a cool respite to a cat spending time in the open. Trees and plants keep the sun out, encouraging a cat parent to allow the pet to spend some relaxing time in shaded spots of the yard.

outdoor cat staying under a shady place

However, it is advisable to permit the pet to explore the outdoors during the early morning or dusk. The same rule applies to choose an ideal time for walking the cat/kitten.

8. Never lock your cats in cars

Do not leave your cat inside the car at any time, but especially in the summer months. Cats can quickly overheat and develop life-threatening heat stroke

9. Sunscreen for cats

Practically no creature can escape the harmful effects of the sun’s rays. The blazing sun can be as nasty to your pet cat & cause distressing sunburns. Apply sunscreen on your furry friend before it gallivants outside the house. Light-haired kitties or cats with light ears and white faces are more susceptible to sunburns. Sun exposure can also lead to a form of cancer that originates at the ends of the ears and nose. Therefore it is important to apply sunscreen on the ears, nose, and skin 

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