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If Your Boss Was A Cat

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Your cat is a boss at home. They can literally do nothing and still get love and food from you. Imagine what they’d do if they are the boss at your office. The Business Cat comic is the perfect illustration for this.

The Adventures of Business Cat is a web-comic written and drawn by Tom Fonder detailing the life and times of the world’s wealthiest business pet. This business tycoon manages a multi-billion dollar corporation and in his free-time, he enjoys looking outside of windows or climbing trees.

More info: businesscat.happyjar.com



1. I am the one to shine

2. The boss love doing peek-a-boo

3. No thanks, I can do it my own

4. I'm a boss, I do what I want

5. Negotiations are never be so easy like this

6. I hate this one, take it off

7. You gotta be stay out of my way

8. I don't like those paper, refuse

9. Just doing what a real CEO will do

10. Old trick, need a new one

11. How to handle with your boss!

12. Still not work, gimme a new trick

13. I know how you feel yellow fella

14. No! Leave my nail be

15. Don't worry fella I will save you

16. I will test with you first

17. Great for Monday, or maybe everyday?

18. All great, but not with someone

19. Opps

20. Here is your reward, maybe a squire in next time?

21. But sir, I just feed you like 10 minutes ago...

22. Sure, I will note it

23. Where Janet?

24. Who care with the work, that butterfly is so beautiful

25. Sad story, but why do I care?

26. Black cats are adorable, but you are not!

27. The dream! Perfect

28. I do like the auto than real car!

29. The best gift to me

30. I need a little bit help here Janet

31. Perfect, thanks a lot

32. Sorry pal, we have to reschedule

33. Nah, I don't care, best place to sleep

34. Take this

35. Thank, but thanks a lot

36. The boss do the daily stuff

37. Umh, I need a little bit help right here

38. Nah, no thanks, I order only for the big box

39. Being a boss is hard, you know

40. But I did my best


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