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10+ Animals Who Seem To Be Mimicking Us

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Animal behavior is getting more and more attention as researchers discover that they have plenty in common with humans. Animals can have emotions such as thankfulness, empathy, and excitement. Besides, our animal friends like to look at us and imitate our behavior. Whether this behavior is intentional or not, it’s certainly an awesome sight.

Here’s a list of some animals who behave like humans and love to do that. Look through this article, and we are sure that you may be surprised at how similar we are to these animals.




1. I’m so used to taking selfies, I’m not sure how to pose for a full-body photo

2. Ready for some spring cleaning! I just need to find the broom

3. When you go to bed but forget to turn the lights off

4. When Mom is making a cake and her kids are eagerly waiting

5. OMG! I’ve dreamt of this moment for so long and now I have no words

6. I could use a helping hand in making this bed. Grab the other end

7. How you sleep knowing tomorrow is Sunday and no alarm will wake you up

8. Hey, a little less shampooing and a bit more scrubbing

9. Rock-a-bye baby, on the treetop. When the wind blows, the cradle will rock

10. Being too shy to take the family photo so you hide behind Mom…

11. We all have that person in our life who’s either always cheerful or always grumpy

12. When you reveal that you’re a goofball after they’ve told you you’re too serious

13. Sharing is caring, and a nice snack is a good place to start

14. Making goofy faces for the pic

15. Showing off my new bae

16. Oh, boy! I’m so excited I forgot to put on my poker face!

17. Sweet dreams with bae



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