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10+ Pets Who Can Communicate With Their Owners Without Using Words

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Humans and pets have lived side by side for thousands of years and become the best friends. They live with us, work with us, and even become part of our families. So, we can easily communicate with them, and of course, they can, too. The difference is, while we primarily use verbal communication, pets mainly communicate non-verbally through the use of body language and through vocalizations. When you communicate with your pet, you can understand them without words: every one of their feelings is clearly seen on their faces.

In this article, we have collected some photos of pets who tell you a whole story without saying a word. Their feelings on their faces will communicate with you, and you will understand what they are saying. Scroll below to see!





1. Our girl with her favorite toy

2. When you’re not afraid to turn the front camera on because you know you’re awesome

3. Parenting is a heavy burden. Sometimes literally

4. Every caring pet understands when their owner needs a hug break

5. Birthdays are a great reason to smile

6. I’ve been taking her out of a suitcase dozens of times, explaining that I can’t take her on a trip with me. This time she decided to opt for a small reminder of herself

7. He loves taking a bath, and sometimes I think he’s purposely trying to get dirty during our walks

8. Our cat after a visit to the vet — I guess I know how it went

9. If you’ve always wanted to know what the foretaste of happiness looks like, here it is

10. What do you mean you ate all the goodies? Sharing is caring

11. No regrets

12. If you didn’t know, this is what true delight looks like

13. Our baby Rosie stepped on a wasp…

14. Am I still your lovely good boy? Am I?

15. When you decide to get beautiful abs and realize how hard it is

16. I’m going to work now, and he’ll be sleeping at home for the whole day. He’s mocking me

17. What ’other beautiful cats’ are you talking about? How can anyone compete with me?

18. He wants me to turn on the water, so he climbed into the sink. This happens every morning

19. Man, I’ve got a new plan to take over the world

20. There’s obviously something creepy behind the scenes

21. Meet Daisy and Luna. Daisy is afraid of car rides, so Luna does her best to calm her down

22. Well, I have a son. As handsome as I, by the way. Now plant your trees and build your houses yourself, if you want

23. Summer is a difficult season for fluffies…

24. Master, we’ve been together for all these years. Only you and I. Now we have him. Can’t believe this is forever

25. A happy and relaxed smiley dog


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