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20+ Cats And Dogs Who Are So Tired Of Being Good Pets

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If you’ve ever owned a pet, you know that sometimes it’s difficult to tell who is the boss in your family: you or your pet? In fact, you can make up rules in your house, but it doesn’t mean your pets will follow them. They even show you that they are tired of being good boys or girls, they make you follow their rules and do everything they want. But no matter how naughty and bad they are, we can’t resist their charm and are ready to forgive them because these cute pets don’t deserve to be punished





Here are 23 cats and dogs who think they’re the damn queens and kings of our home. Scroll down to see for yourself! We are sure that you will find some relatable stories and photos in our article.

1. Working from home is gonna be easy, they said

2. My dog has his own bed, yet he dragged my jacket down from a chair and curled up in it.

3. He knows he’s not allowed on the kitchen counter, but he’s technically on the washing machine. Judging by his expression, he knows he’s found the loophole

4. This isn’t the best quality picture, but it’s definitely the one that best embodies her personality

5. The cats knocked over every single one of my makeup brushes this morning…into their freshly used litter box

6. Poor pup tried to ask nicely. Too bad the cat’s the boss

7. What’s your problem, bro?

8. Even if you have 2 sinks in your house, you can’t be sure either one will be available

9. Walked into the kitchen and found this

10. I brought my office plant home so it wouldn’t die from neglect in an empty office. Now it’s a delicious snack

11. They were both sleeping 3 minutes ago…

12. She broke the pose by trying to catch a falling leaf

13. My cat brought me a present! She left it on my lap (alive) while I was holding the baby

14. Ruby loves her new bed…

15. To prevent your cat from jumping on counters, make it an unpleasant place. Cover it with aluminum foil. My cat proved that this trick doesn’t work

16. My cat bites my dad whenever he’s paying attention to my mom and not him

17. This cat only cares about how he feels

18. Sure am glad I bought that ’indestructible’ dog bed

19. He broke the zipper on the wardrobe bag to get his hair on my boyfriend’s tux the day before the wedding

20. My dog plays ghost every time I change the sheets

21. Bought roses for my mom and this cat started EATING them the minute I put them in a vase

22. The nice, clean, white car I just washed

23. That would explain why the birds don’t use this feeder

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