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20 Posts That Show The Ups And Downs Of Living With Cats

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Living with cats can be wonderful as these furry friends never fail to make us smile every day with their silly, funny, and weird actions. Not only do they bring joy to our lives, but they also provide us with plenty of love and entertainment. However, cats are known for being naughty and curious creatures, so it’s not surprising that they often bring chaos into our lives. Once you add a cat into your home, you soon realize that cats are the head of the household. They do whatever they want and don’t care anyone. They steal food, damage furniture, tear toilet paper, and knock over stuff. But no matter how mischievous they are, we still love them so much.




Life with a cat is full of ups and downs, but being a cat owner can be the best thing that can happen to you. Owning a cat will change your life forever. Every day with your cat is a new experience that will make you happy. If you don’t believe, scroll down to check out 20 posts that show what it’s like living with cats. We are sure that after finishing these post, you will consider welcoming a cat into your home.

1. We found them this morning in our garden

2. My sweet rescue boy- a year later

3. He was the gentlest cat I’ve met

4. Meet my little bug, she is sweet and adorable

5. My 3 months old nugget when the neighbours are cooking fish

6. Husband and the local beach cat, sunbathing in the Corfu sun

7. Little dude gave me a cuddle

8. My girl Mochi is SUPER proud of her new neck scarf

9. Sylvester’s transformation! we found this ugly duckling in the street, now he’s truly a beautiful swan

10. New bed and best place to sleep, but my cat choose to sleep at the garden

11. My cat want to say he is mine

12. I adopt him, but he judging us

13. My 18-year-old cat, Oscar, just experienced his first home move (across the country). Wasn’t sure if he would make it, but he seems to be doing just fine

14. She love when I put a flower on her head like this

15. 2 days ago she was a stray living at a gas station. Now she’s cuddled up at home waiting for the arrival of her babies.

16. My wife just sent me a picture of our cat at the vet. Safe to say she’s a little scared

17. My handsome boy want some food

18. My sweet Gary napping in his spaceship

19. Klaus realised that the little nap at the vets cost him his balls

20. My mom said she never wanted a cat, today she made sure Pepper’s party hat matched her birthday cupcake and candle


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