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The Best Cat Tattoos For Christmas And New Year

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For those of us who need more than just a photo of our furry best friend.

Some people get their lover's name inked on their body. Others prefer detailed portraits of their furry best friend. If you’re a fan of super-sweet, fine-lined drawings and are thinking about enshrining precious memories of your pet in tattoo ink.

Down below are the top 50 the best cat tattoos idea for Christmas 2020 and New Year 2021. Take a look

1. The council of catto

2. Black cat and the moon tattoo

3. Cattoo tattoo under toes

4. Fabulous cat tattoo reaction

5. The queen cat tattoo

6. Color couple cat and bee tattoo

7. Snuggle cat tattoo

8. Glassy cat tattoo

9. Cat and song tattoo

10. Cat flower tattoo

11. Balance black cat tattoo

12. Amazing idea cat play with jewelry

13. Cute cat tattoo

14. Cat tattoo idea for your feet

15. Amazing cat tattoo idea

16. Big cat tattoo idea

17. Cat tattoo color for your feet

18. Amazing teal cat tattoo color

19. Cute cat tattoo

20. Day of the dead cat tattoo

21. Adorable cat tattoo for girl

22. Cute cat tattoo

23. Couple cat tattoo

24. Small cat face tattoo

25. Paws and cat tattoo

26. Small cat tattoo ideas for your finger

27. Adorable cat tattoo for your hand

28. Galaxy cat tattoo idea

29. Cat heartbeat tattoo

30. Big cat big stretch cat tattoo


31. Small cat tattoo for your heel

32. Do you want cup of kitties?

33. Small cat tattoo

34. The adorable cat tattoo

35. Cat and fish tattoo? I guess

36. Big cat and moon tattoo

37. Small cat catching heart, small tattoo

38. Big cat tattoo

39. A little color, a lot of love

40. There's nothing wrong with simple and spooky

41. Bewitching

42. Who doesn't appreciate a good Pizza Cat Tattoo?

43. When your cat is the moonlight of your life

44. The resemblance is uncanny

45. Curiosity has an image

46. Sometimes you just have to appreciate a little cat tat

47. The relationship you have with your cat is magical

48. Crazy Cat Lady GOALS

49. Put your paws up

50. Goals ASF, to be honest

51. A moment in time

53. Purr-fection

54. Future Self Tattoo

55. Iconic

56. Because cats are out of this world

57. Try to pet the catto

58. They walk a fine line

59. A subtle wink

60. Astronaut Cat? Yes, please

61. Even aliens love cats

62. How to memorialize your besties prop-purr-ly

63. SharkCat Attack

64. The progression of a cat

65. Spooky Cat Tats


66. Add a dash of humor into the mix, you know you wanna

67. Sometimes simple goes a long way

68. Now that's what I call cat details

69. Sometimes you just really love your cat

70. Paw to hand, respect

71. Vibrant, Unique, Detailed. It's fantastic, if not cat-tastic

72. Incredible details, incredible cats

73. Colorful and packed with purrsonality

74. Have you ever wondered if you could turn your cat's behavior into body art? Wonder no longer

75. Every body wants to be a cat, because a cat's the only cat who knows where he's at

76. All you need is coffee and cats

77. If you aren't having a good time, what's the point?



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