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22 Pics That Prove Cats Don’t Give A Flip About Your Selfies

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Cats are very confident in themselves. They know exactly what they are capable of. And going beyond those capabilities is an everyday thing for them. It’s what makes this animal very unique and very attractive. The personality of a cat is very striking. According to psychologists, a human tends to like humans or animals or anything that are similar to them. For example, pet owners. They quickly get along because they have similar pets and that’s what breaks the ice. It’s the same between cats and humans. Cats switch through a wide variety of attitudes throughout their day, just like us humans. A cat would be dying for snuggles at one moment and would be smacking you in the face the very next moment because they didn’t get their food on time. And then the naughty side of them. My god! If you ever hear a very stable wase just suddenly drop on the fall and break, know that there’s a cat around. They love messing with their humans. And just when their owners get on the edge, they slowly get near you and cuddle you. Now how is a person supposed to deal with this? Proper mind games!




Speaking of ruining things, people spend minutes, even hours taking the perfect selfie. And just when you’re got it all down and are about to capture the divine selfie, something dumb happens. And that dumb in today’s case is a cat.

1. Filters to the rescue when your cat doesn’t wanna wear real glasses

2. That cat is fancier than the majority of Earth’s population

3. But first let me take a selfie

4. Now that’s what you call a purrfect selfie

5. They do what they wanna do. They be what they wanna be

6. Selfie time

7. This cat saw his Dad in the camera and came to say hi

8. Cat be like I don’t care, I look bomb

9. Cats ruining couple selfies since forever

10. Cheek bites over selfies

11. A selfie bite

12. When you’re about to take the best selfie ever but your cat wants food

13. A crazy family taking a crazy selfie

14. When your cat ruins your selfie for the 420th time

15. Kitty striking her best pose

16. Ladies and Gentlemen, we finally have a winner. Such a cute cheeky cat

17. Ready? 3…2…1…Smack

18. This is how all your selfies look like when you live with cats

19. Aliens don’t want us humans to take perfect selfies

20. Say hisssss

21. This cat tried to channel its inner model like her mom. Well, at least it tried

22. This how we all look as well when we are extremely happy to see someone

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