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25 Cats Who Are Completely In Love With Their Owners

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Cats have a bad reputation for being cold, aloof, and grumpy. Unlike dogs, they tend to appreciate personal space and like to be alone all the time. If you chase them to hug and cuddle them when they don’t want to, they will run away and hide. But sometimes, you’re more likely to see them behaving in sweet and cute ways. In fact, cats do actually show love and affection to their humans and their affection is far more nuanced than you think.

There’s still a misconception about cats not showing love to their owners, so we decided to collect 25 pics of cats who are sweet and affectionate to prove that cats are subtle creatures and do love their humans. Through these pics, we would like to highlight the sweet side of these furry friends. Scroll down to check for yourself!




1. I never thought this little fella would change my life

2. This is how she stares at me when I’m not looking

3. Mama Pebbles and her child, Primrose

4. No one would adopt him because he’s got a bad eye. Good! He’s with me now. And his eyes show that he really appreciates it

5. She saw me packing my army kit this morning. Every time she finds out that I’ll be leaving for a few weeks, this is how she sits with me until I leave

6. 20 years old and she still knows she’s the queen!

7. She fell asleep with her favorite toy. My heart just exploded

8. We let him come inside during Hurricane Harvey and he hasn’t left…

9. When you’ve found that perfect spot on the couch

10. Even this pretty lady’s tail aligns perfectly with the cushion

11. They only have eyes for her

12. When you’re so comfy that you don’t want to move at all

13. This kitten looks like it feels safe now after going through some hard times

14. I adopted my fur baby Coraline about a year ago. She’s always showing those dreamy eyes of hers. I couldn’t imagine not having her around

15. This little guy followed me, climbed up me, and promptly fell asleep. I think I’ve been chosen

16. Everybody’s home!

17. There’s no denying that this cat loves its owner. And the best part is that it makes sure he knows it!

18. How long do you think you’d be able to resist before holding this kitty in your arms?

19. My sweet boy. He’s been my little buddy for 15 years now

20. My cat figured out that the alarm sound means that I have to wake up, so she snuggles on my chest right after it goes off

21. He’s obsessed with his daddy

22. In good hands

23. I picked her up yesterday — we’re instant best friends!

24. The face of happiness

25. My little girl enjoying some belly rubs


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