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31 Of The Cats That Bring Unexpected Gifts For Their Humans

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Your cat may not be able to tell you how much they loves you via verbal communication, but cats may have other ways of telling you that. Some cats love to cuddle when they want to express gratitude towards us some purr, but right now we’re going to tell you about cats that bring their humans unexpected, useless gifts to express their love towards us! Well, a gift is a gift, and you should never belittle anybody’s efforts. Besides, who doesn’t like waking up next to a freshly-killed mouse?

Felines are known for bringing home random, useless things such as toys, random objects, or small animals(dead or alive). They feel proud when they present their little catch to you. By doing this they communicate a sense of alliance with you. So, in other words, while that freshly-killed mouse on your pillow may scare the hell out of you, just know that it wouldn’t be there if your furball didn’t love you wholeheartedly.



We have compiled a list of funniest, creepiest, cutest gifts given to people by their cats! Scroll down and enjoy. We’d love to hear from you your cat’s tales, so don’t forget to comment!

1. My cat keeps stealing my roommates stuff and brings it to me. This time I got a free sports bra

2. My neighbors cat brought her this small snake!

3. Today, my kitty brought me a candy stick

4. Thank you kitty, for this beautiful potato. I’ll make myself french fries. Yum

5. Everyday when I come back home from office my cat would gift me so much things!

6. I get flowers from my cat, every now and then

7. This is the third time that my cat brought a sponge.

8. Every time my brother brings his cat to my home, it always has something to gift me

9. This is what my cat brought me today…

10.  I feel loved. Look what my cat brought me!

11. My cat always steals away my neighbors shuttle cock and brings it to me.

12. My cat brought me an old birthday balloon

13. My cat steals my neighborhood kid’s toys and presents them to me

14. My cat brought me this bird for lunch today

15. My cat loves me so much that he brought me two, not one, TWO small little bugs

16. Let's go home with my hooman, I mean with me

17. Surprisingly, little Sam brought me a flower this time…



19. My friend’s cat brings her different shaped leaves every now and then

20 My cat brought me this moth of a color that I’ve never seen before

21. Every time I let her out for a walk, she brings me random things

22. Another addition to my collection of leaves, not surprisingly the only contributor is my cat

23. My cat brought me this threads-mess as a morning gift

24. My cat brings me a dry leaf everyday

25. Look what my kitty brought me!

26. My cat brings me random pieces of papers

27. My cat brings me garbage from the neighbor’s, almost everyday

28. This cat brings me pair of socks from my sister’s room

29. After bringing in 3 birds, for a change, this adorable creature brought me a yellow leaf

30. My cat gifts me bottle lids, every now and then

31. Another sponge!!

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