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40 Cats With The Craziest Fur Markings Ever

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Most cats are pretty recognizable by their breeds and we love them no matter the size, shape, or color they are. But some cats are just born with extra special markings that make them the masters of disguise. Whether they're pretending to be cinnamon rolls, hipsters, chocolate chip cookies or even Hitler himself, there's no limit to the lengths these cats will go to in order to pass undetected. Here are the cats with the most unique fur markings and patterns we’ve ever seen.



1. Mini-Mew

2. The Queen Of Spades

3. It must be Excalipurr

4. Looks Like A Cartoon Bomb Blew Up In Her Face

5. Marble Beauty

6. Fur eyes or four eyes?

7. A cat within a cat?

8. Cat Has A Number 1 On Its Forehead

9. This cat is on a ‘roll'

10. The OMG Catto

11. That is Hamilton the Hippster

12. Snow kitty is concerned

13. Star Face

14. Chimera catto

15. MathCATician – Triangular Marking on catto's shoulder

16. A trainee vets dream!

17. Its the chosen catto!

18. My true footprint

19. Sammy has eyebrows

20. The smiley catto

21. Take my heart, hooman

22. Kitten With ‘Cat’ Written In Its Fur

23. Half Faced Trixie

24. Look at that mark! Did someone call me

25. Exclamation Butt

26. It’s behind me, isn’t it?

27. That’s one bushy tail

28. Kind of like a penguin with ears

29. Looks like a kitty who drank his milk too fast

30. Inception Catto

31. Very intimidating

32. This Is Luna, She Can Be A Jerk Sometimes But She Has ‘Her Heart In The Right Place’

33. Cat Look-Alike, remind to someone?

34. Printer ran outta ink at nose


35. The real “cat burglar”

36. Batcat Plus Look At Those Paws

37. Sir Fluffington catto

38. This Cat That Curls Up Just Right To Make A Heart

39. I’ve gotta say, I really wear my heart on my slee… nose

40. My Cat Looks Like He Has A Bush

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