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Hilarious Photos Of Cat’s Face Photoshopped On Other Animals

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There’s something everyone can agree on and it’s the fact that cats have the cutest faces. The way they look at things, let their emotions out and just stay the same way unless something excites or triggers them is beyond adorable. You can literally sketch out a cat’s face on anything (any animal or object) and the results would always be eye-catching. Cats can also morph their bodies into any shape they wish, most of the time you’d be confused about whether your cat is liquid or solid. And this, along with their fluffy faces, is what makes putting a cat face on anything look amazing.

So this woman by the name of Galina Bugaevskaya, 29 years old, went on a photoshop spree where she merged a cat face with everything she could think of. Galina said “Especially chubby and angry cats. They are divine creatures: cute, soft, murmuring. We always had cats in our family. At the moment, I have Filya and Puchok, and a white Persian cat, Umka, named after the bear cub from the Soviet cartoon.” Her photoshop kitty practice rendered her over 60k followers on Instagram. Let’s have a look at some of these.

1. That is a sketchy penguin

2. Aww, it’s so fluffy

3. Who dares disturbs thee?

4. A fluffy snowball

5. 10/10 would bring this fur baby home

6. And now they can fly

7. Much more cuter now

8. Every cat after a buffet of salmon

9. I’m not cute, I’m the more than a cute

10. The hissiest black dragon-catto, how adorable

11. Cats when they’re about to attack you

12. Come here you, I would give you a kiss

13. I just see a growth in the ears

14. He is angry, not happy at all because he can see the bottom of the food bowl

15. The fluffiest moth

16.  If you ever thought they couldn’t get any fluffier

17. This is otter-ly beautiful

18. I cannot bee-live this

19. I’m adopting this little cat-bear pup

20. The amazing combination, how cute is this little cat-fox

21. That is just a cloud with a face

22. Looks like an adorable little pet

23. Why is this goat meowing?

24. This weird cat oinks

25. This is exactly how cats would’ve been if they knew how to cross their arms

26. If you thought your cat was a menace when it comes to waking you up early, feast your eyes on the ultimate alarm clock cross-over

27. I wonder how much does this thing hiss?

28. Dandi-kitty

29. Who put fluff all over my toothbrush?

30. The literal catfish

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