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Hilarious Photos Of Cats That Are Holly, Jolly, And Naughty

KingdomOfCat Admin

Realistically, everything about our holiday decorations may as well have been designed specifically with cats in mind. They're everything a cat is likely to find delightful: sparkly, shiny, dangling, and jingling.

When the holiday season rolls around at the end of the year and the cats get to feeling frisky, we as humans have two choices: Be Mad or Laugh. You may as well get a hearty, hardy chuckle out of your cat's shenanigans, because your heart can't take the stress.

It may be incredibly frustrating when your cat knocks down the tree or burrows deep inside, but if you resolve yourself to laugh instead, you'll find a lot more joy this holiday season.

1. She matches

2. Over a whole minute

3. Purr-fectly Precious Puss

4. The toughest competitor

5. The Holiday Hunter

6. Nope

7. You better be careful

8. Presents? Not for me? I don't think so

9. Well done, cat, well done

10. Look at those happy eyes

11. This cat is getting coal from Santa

12. My gift, my! yooo


14. King of the Castle

15. Brings a tear to your eye



18. Noticed

19. Meowy Catmas

20. And I'll do it again

21. For what reason should this majestic cat be ashamed

22. I'm the only ornament you need

23. Congratulations lil fella

24. Destruction: Imminent

25. Nativity Scene? I'm the only scene you need

26. This bebe couldn't wait any longer


28. Naturally 

29. Think again, hooman

30. Every cat lovers want this tree!

31. That is so yummy Karen, waiting for more

32. Boxes and more boxes

33. Must, bring, the, tree, down

34. And till 3 AM as well

35. Enjoy the beauty first, then bring it down later

36. Halp me Karen, the tree attack me first

37. Try this kitties

38. You be prepare, Karen

39. And also hide them as well

40. It's in my way

41. Now be prepare the tree, I challenge you

42. And 10 minute later, it's down

43. I will take it down!


45. Hi I am fixing the lights for you Karen

46. The tree starting first hooman

47. Too much!

48. Oh what lil fella

49. There gone now!

50. Because I am the present

51. I am the only one Karen

52. And gonna collect them all

53. Wait till night, we will bring the tree down

54. Bring them down all!

55. That spirit tho lol

56. Dear, maybe another brother catto as well

57. It's so shiny

58. Blame the doggies ,Fa la la la la

59. Just pull, it's a long long story

60. Well, sure

61. Bring to me, bring to me

62. Well said…

63. To the top

64. Get me out of here…

65. It was self-defense

66. So sweet

67. I’ll get it this time…

68. The top piece is always the biggest challenge

69. Just this one little piece…

70. Taking a bite

71. What the presents weren’t for me?

72. Let's go team

73. I had no choice. It was coming at me

74. Evil look

75. It wasn’t me hooman…

76. Yummy

77. This cat needs to rest a bit after a hard day’s work

78. All done, and upcoming for more

79. Can you let me know how to get out?

80. Leaving the crime scene

81. I am so proud

82. Unfair fight…

83. Trust me when I say your cat knows who the real star is

84. Ripe for plucking

85. This is purr-fect

86. Doing a mighty fine job

87. Make sure your tree is sturdy enough for your cat... or cats

88. When the expectations are low but they still DESTROY

89. This is the most adorable thing you ever seen!

90. A battle over water where the cat is winning

91. Double the trouble

92. I don't know about pesky, but this is, so cute

93. A treehouse catto with full of stuff

94. Not even age stops a cat from enjoying this annual right of passage

95. If you listen closely, it meows in Christmas

96. A purr-fect fit tbh

97. Nope, not in this house

98. That's a face you don't argue with, okay? Okay

99. Well, cat is just, cat

100. Absolute Chaos

101. Is he wrong?

102. I am the last thing you see

103. This BEBBY wants to hang ornaments, too

104. Well, for sure, cat always love things at first then destroy it later

105. Wait till night, and I will destroy everything

106. I don't meow either meo meo


108. Counting Catto? Maybe




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