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Photos Of Cats That Are The Biggest Jerks Yet We Love Them Anyway

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When people who do not like cats are asked why they do not like cats, they usually reply with someone about how cats are jerks. But, ask any cat lover, and they will usually agree.

While some of their behaviors are definitely on the jerk spectrum, cats are also fiercely independent, incredibly clever and, luckily for them, super cute. Very few people will deny the fact that cats can be huge jerks.

Most people, though, simply do not care. Whilst they can be annoying, cats are also one of the best parts of our lives, and they provide many giggles.

Scroll on through this collection of pictures of cats being jerks -- and have a laugh!

1. When your cat doesn't want your apartment fixed

2. Sleep camera reveals an assassin attempt

3. This cat came home just after the missing posters were printed!

4. Watch out for the cat burglar!

5. Interesting salad topper

6. This cat locked his owners out their car..

7. Oh well....

8. Nothing, I just feel, stress

9. Are they straight now hooman?

10. Bet the story behind this note is hilarious

11. Just hold him

12. Pizza... please?

13. Cat wants a shower?

14. Excuse you?

15. I'll put it up here so the cat can't get it

16. This cat nibbled on ALL the bagels

17. This takes "cats look like loaves of bread" to a whole new level

18. This cat decided to sneak off with the final puzzle piece, but fell asleep guarding it!

19. This cat stole a sausage

20. This cat loves to shed toilet paper and finally found the hidden supply

21. This cat knew exactly what he was doing

22. Furgus leads a double life as a stair

23. Zoom bombed!

24. Not the rice, againn!

25. Cat love work from home

26. Challenge accepted

27. No wonder the diet is not working

28. Ooops, sorry

29. Yeah, what kind of pest? Oh.... makes sense

30. Would like some help stirring your coffee

31. This cat does NOT want to be friends with his neighbor

32. A multi-tiered plan

33. Little gymnast!

34. This cat couldn't stand not being the center of attention

35. Max just wants to read!

36. No remorse

37. Atticus was hospitalised for two days... turns out he was constipated

38. And you better sleep with one eye open!

39. This little cat just wants to make friends!



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