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Stray Cat Brings Her Kittens to Family that was Kind to Her, and Changes Their Lives Forever

 A stray cat showed up outside a family's home this summer, scrounging for food. Lisianne from Montreal, Canada spotted the feline in her yard and started to leave some food and water out for her.

The cat was very shy and kept her distance from people, but she continued to come back every day to fill her tummy and quench her thirst. Lisianne noticed her round belly and suspected that the cat was pregnant.

A while later, the stray returned to the yard without the baby bump -- she gave birth somewhere outside and came back to the food source for replenishment.

Hoping to find her kittens, Lisianne tried to gain her trust by spending time with her every day. Over the next few weeks, the momma cat grew more confident and began to warm up to her human friend. 

Lisianne kept the door open for the cat whenever she came to visit, and finally one day, the sweet feline mustered enough courage to step inside and even ask for some pets.

One day, the cat returned to the family for food, but this time, she brought some guests along. One by one, the sweet feline carried all six of her kittens to the doorstep. Lisianne was so surprised and overjoyed. She welcomed them all into her warm abode.

The kittens were very shy as they hadn't had much human contact. Lisianne gave them a room to settle in and reached out to her local rescue, Chatons Orphelins Montréal, for help. She wanted to get them all vetted, spayed and neutered and find them good homes.

The cat brought her five beautiful black kittens and one adorable tabby to the person that she trusted.

The momma cat quickly crept her way into the hearts of the family, and they knew they couldn't part with her.

"Lisianne decided to keep the cat mom and officially adopted her. She took great care of her and had her vetted and spayed. One of the kittens (tabby) went home to one of her friends," Celine Crom of Chatons Orphelins Montréal shared

The rest of the litter was brought to Chatons Orphelins Montréal so they could receive the medical attention they needed, and a chance to find a forever, loving home.

One of the kittens, Tito, was born with a deformity in his leg. He is now in good hands and will get the care he needs to thrive.

"The five are all gorgeous long-haired black cats -- three girls (Taylor, Tynie and Tyana) and two boys (Tales and Tito)," Celine added. "They were a bit shy at first but once they arrived at their foster home, they quickly came out of their shells."

The five kittens share a stark resemblance to their beautiful mom.

They are loving their indoor life and blossoming into fluffy, magnificent young cats.

Tito will need treatment for his leg when he is big enough, and his siblings are ready to look for a place of their very own.

 Tynie and Tyana, two sisters, share an adorable bond, and hope to find a loving home together.

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