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Subreddit Documents Photos Of "Supermodel Cats," And It's Everything You Need Right Now

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Now, we all know that cats are beautiful. But, did you know there is an entire subreddit dedicated to "Supermodel Cats?"

Well, now you do - and you won't be disappointed! The group collects photos of the most stunning cats on the planet, and they are truly majestic!

The photos are even more impressive because - if you're a cat owner, you will know - cats aren't always the easiest animal to photograph. Unlike dogs, cats are not always the most obedient pets - they have a mind of their own, and they like to use it.

Pet photographer, Karen Weiler, says that it helps to get down on the same level as the pet when taking animal portraits. "However, it really depends on the type of image you are trying to create - shooting from underneath or below eye-level or from above can capture other aspects of their personality," she explained.

But it's not all about the angles. Karen says there is a lot involved in getting the best pet photo.

She does a lot of prep-work before taking the photos. "I ask that the pet be free of mats and dirt/debris - once in the studio, I have a brush and towel available to ensure kitty is picture ready," she said.

Good lighting is also essential, and grooming is a must. "If they take their cat to a groomer for an appointment, I generally suggest that they have that done a week prior to the session - not the day of," Karen says.

So, there you have it - your beloved feline could be a "super-meowdel" in the making! Scroll down to see some of the most stunning kitties on the web.

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1. Oh, hi mom and everypawdy

2. Flerken Knows How To Find The Light

3. This Little Kitty Is Prettier Than Any Human Being I’ve Ever Seen


4. Beautiful catto with milk and chocolate color

5. My blue eyed boy, what a beautiful color

6. Found This Majestic Cat In Turkey At The Apollon Temple


7. Looking Through The Eyes Of Love

8. Eyes. whiskers. face and snow, all beautiful

9. Do I See Him Very Beautiful Because He’s Mine Or Is He Really?


10. Beauty in the flower field

11. My New Supermodel, Coco

12. Her Eyeliner Game Is On Point!


13. Reinhardt And His Floofy Tail. He Is A Siberian Forest Cat

14. Couldn’t Resist Trying Our Baby Daughters New Headband On Our Cat First

15. The Difference A Few Months And Lots Of Love Makes!


16. Neighbour show me her cat: A rural cat

17. Which color is your fav? Jade or Sapphire

18. This Regal Unit


19. Just one word: Majestic color

20. Took This Photo Of My Cat This Summer, Love How The Sunlight Brought Out The Green In His Eyes – Hope It Brightens Your Day



21. My boy visit the vet today and he feeling proud


22. They Don't Work, But Stephen Has The Most Beautiful Eyes

23. A fluffy, flat catto

24. Let's Hear It For All The Disabled Supermodel Cats Out There! My Blind Boy, Eli



25. This Little Kitty Is Prettier Than Any Human Being I’ve Ever Seen

26. Hi. This Is Lola And Her Amazing Tail

27. Gorgeous Cato


28. My Girlfriend Gifted Me With Little Kevin For My Birthday!

29. Here’s Tilly, Practicing For Her Next Magazine Shoot

30. They Tried To Put Me On The Cover Of Magazine But My Fur Was Too Fluffy!



31. My 6 Month Old Maine Coon Cat Brutus

32. Would Be Happy To Have What They Have

33. Ripley Is My Little Supermodel Abyssinian


34. Supermodel Cloud

35. Photo of my catto family!

36. Beautiful And She Knows It


37. Little Did We Know That Bagheera Was Actually A Majestic Norwegian Forest Cat

38. Two Catto Supermodels

39. This Cat’s Majestic Fluff Come Here For A Hug


40. Kiril Has Perfected His Pose

41. Sometimes I See A Cute Cat And I Lose It On How Cute They Are

42. My Mom Says The Stray I Picked Up Last Year Is Ugly, But I Think She's Wrong. His Name Is Cheeto


43. Put My Cat On The Cover Of Catto Magazine Already

44. I Honestly Can’t Believe Some People Hate Cats,, They’re Amazing Little Bundles Of Beauty

45. That Eyebrows! So Cute 


46. On The Right, Dress By Zac Posen. On The Left, Furr By De Gato

47. Smoothie

48. You Asked For Another Pic, Here He Is


49. Happy Floof In The Snow! Was Told She Belonged Here

50. I Love His Mustache, Incredibly Cute



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