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Sweet Kitten Insists on Being Carried Everywhere He Goes After He was Rescued

A kitten with the sweetest face insists on being carried everywhere he goes after he was rescued.

Audrey, a 14-year-old animal rescuer and fosterer of Murphys Safe Haven, came across a post about a kitten needing a home. She immediately stepped in to rescue him to ensure that the little one would get the medical care he needed, and the best chance at finding a good home.

Audrey noticed the kitten's cleft right away. Once he arrived at the rescue, she discovered that he also exhibited signs of Cerebellar Hypoplasia, a neurological condition that affects the cat's motor skills. "We noticed that he wasn't able to walk correctly and would fall over," Audrey share.

Despite being a bit wobbly, the kitten didn't seem to know that he was any different. "He was a bit confused (at first) but quickly became very playful and friendly."

As soon as Audrey picked him up, the little bundle of fluff turned into an instant love-bug and melted in her arms. He was eager for attention from his newly acquainted friend and insisted on being cuddled and doted on.

"He started purring and made sure all the attention was on him," Audrey shared.

 The kitten whom they named Oink, was all cleaned up and got a clean bill of health. Despite his cleft, eating was not problem for the little guy as he scarfed down his food like a champ.

Oink has been a clingy little kitten and demands to be cradled like a baby whenever he gets a chance. If he spots an empty lap, he makes sure to fill it and keep it warm.

As long as Audrey is nearby, the kitten feels content and assured. "He is so playful and loves attention. He will meow at the door till I carry him," Audrey shared.

The little wobbly kitty adores people and other animals in the house. He has made an unlikely friend with a pet rat, and the two get along swimmingly.

Whenever Audrey is on the computer, doing schoolwork, Oink is right there keeping her company and being her perfect little assistant.

His purrs reverberate throughout the room, creating the most soothing and uplifting sound.

Oink may be a little wobbly but it doesn't affect his quality of life. He may fall or tumble sometimes, but he always gets right back up and tries again.

The sweet kitten is quite the expert in getting what he wants and won't take no for an answer. He will gaze into your eyes and cry out to you until you give in -- a very convincing kitten indeed.

"Oink's favorite thing to do is cuddle in bed. He loves when it's time to go to sleep, so he can curl up on my chest," Audrey shared.

At night, Audrey finds herself a little needy buddy waddling up to her face while rumbling with his adorable purrs. Oink makes the perfect little companion at bedtime.

Now in the morning, Audrey wakes up to a rambunctious ginger furball, playing with toys and creating antics with his unbridled energy. He doesn't let anything slow him down.

Nothing makes him happier than being cuddled in a warm blanket in Audrey's arms. He will switch on his purr motor as he blissfully drifts off to sleep.

The sweet wobbly kitten is thriving in foster care and loving his VIP life with his people.

"He is perfect in my eyes. We will give little Oink the best life ever!"

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