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Cute Catto Videos Will Make You Smile

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1. Keep scratching please hooman

From @cherrythecat_26

2. What I need at weekend, someone to cuddle

From @rody.tino.tomoko

3. Beware.I have a black belt in cuddle-fu. Exotic looking cuddle-fu master

From @thapojere

4. So much kisses

From @riepoyonn

5. Some extra Sharkitty & hyena mom

From @hester_is_not_a_cat

6. he can do it .....i have also a ninja cats

From @catmandoofficial

7. Mood right now

From @roukylerouquin

8. HAPPY SATURDAY EVERYBODY, Look at their beautiful eyes

From @sis.twins

9. This neighbor’s cat was like: “My cover is blown. I’m out

From @melissa_scottish

10. This is what having power looks like, everything, off the table

From @usuallylucy

11. Gus is…just special

From @AdventuresOfGusAndElla

12. Give me a hug now hooman

From @lilu2017617

13. The Dome of Doom

From @thatcatbobbie

14. When the Louprechaun arrives… ooof: Game Clover

From @sophielovestuna

15. Love bites, how cute

From @Melrose_salt2

16. Hah, u think I like this huh?

From @realgrumpycat

17. Sunny lickies with a side of jellybeans

From @leotheabys

18. Happy tongue out day, look at that adorable face

From @_pablo_picatsso

19. I wish we could home all cats. They deserve so much

From @angelsnamedcats

20. Just a petite tabby purrmaid enjoying a new found sun puddle. and the shadow is on the shape of a cat too

From @triumphant_teagan

21. Adorable tiny fur friend just want to play

From @lamour

22. That equal to 109 years for humans. God bless this old sweet lady with many more years

From @queen_lily_99

23. Batcat. That face is love

From @esikimir

24. You mind hooman, would you play with me for a sec?

From @felirafelira

25. The mysterious disappearance of Carrot continues

From @maple_the_sassy_kitty

26. Used to be a tall Latte but now a grande

From @tabbyandbengal

27. And the second you let them out and close the door they want in.

From @pumatheweirdo3

28. Who said cat and otter can not be friend?

From @hinako_munchkin

29. One of Duncan’s most famous clips. After he had some catnip. He was feeling GOOD


30. Can you tell Beano is food driven? More like food OBSESSED

From @couvieandkitty

31. She’s having trouble parallel parking

From @atlasandtrico

32. Not in the mood hooman, but you can feed me anytime

From @torotorototoro269

33. It was about time our poopy paw crew got baths! And Tangerine wanted to be the one to model for the camera for it

From @heidiwranglescats

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