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Cutie Catto Videos Of The Day

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1. Too cute to handle

From @koteyuru

2. It’s me, Count Catula! Come closer so I can drink your blood. Have a fangtastic weekend furriends

From @meowrientals

3. Eh, just 5 more minutes mom

From @tokiodemonio

4. When they say it’s time to go back home

From @itsmistycat

5. I'm not letting you brush me hooman

From @gauji.dumpling

6. Go little REX-star

From @rex2paws

7. I call this trick, The Human Cat Tree

From @catmantoo

8. I’ll take you to the cotton candy shop

From @a_street_cat_named_benson

9. He's studying, do not disturb

From @lotusunblogu

10. CAT COUNTER; makes sure you go low enough when doing push-ups or it won't count

From @kuromame_touhu

11. Feeling squashed but oh so comfy~ weekend snuggles

From @mudpie.tortie

12. Merlin is such a mood

From @merlinragdoll

13. FRIDAYS are “JUMPIN’ INTO THE WEEKEND”… double jump edition


14. Together, we are the team of blue eyes

From @charlie_mollybirma

15. First on the window, then on the balcony .. and now HERE

From @berliozexplores

16. mornings are hard

From @ms.nellsbells

17. Waiting for a good time for attack

From @whitesugar_ddang

18. If I fit, I will sit

From @waifsstrays

19. It’s winter so bundle up and lick your legs

From @smushball

20. I had to use this sound for that clip

From @furryfritz

21. Can you tell Beano is food driven? More like food OBSESSED

From @couvieandkitty

22. This Friday we need to talk about something important.... Tuna or chicken?

From @mandm_onthegram

23. Maru has complete control over the swaying clear bowl

From @maruhanamogu

24. It HAD to go over the edge

From @mooseyflufferpants

25. Monday mood be like...

From @ggumsfamily

26. Such a cute little boy who just want to greet his mom

From @twiniboo

27. Kisses, too many kisses

From @nabesentochiro

28. Ghost current favourite toy is a towel

From @ghost.the.keetso

29. What a long stretch, how adorable

From @suzume0513

30. Chonky daddy is ready to hustle

From @toasted_elvis

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