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29 Dog Pictures That Will Make You Laugh Every Time

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Dogs never cease to make us laugh. They do so many unexplainable things that result in hilarious photos with silly captions. Sometimes, a dog’s weird actions can even make them famous on social media. Their photos get shared over and over again, and it’s still funny every time we see it.

The following 29 photos have been circulating the internet for a while, but they’ll never not be funny. They’re actually the kind of wholesome content we need during these confusing times.





1. Phone calls make this dog anxious. He wishes his human would make appointments for him instead

2. When you finally get the perfect jumping picture… but your dog photobombs it

3. Hina the Shiba Inu doesn’t know how to properly pose for pictures

4. Dogs and bread just go so perfectly together

5. When your dog turns 16, you teach them to drive

6. Random Google searches always give the best results

7. This dog has the best way of playing innocent… by ignoring the problem

8. Maggie has the prettiest toothy grin

9. A dog in mid-sneeze is sure to brighten anyone’s day

10. This dog offers the best support when his dad cleans up his messes

11. This dog quickly realized that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time

12. This blind dog has to wear a “space suit” to prevent him from running into things. How cute

13. When someone says, “Quick! Act natural"

14. Is this a new style or a bad hair day?

15. It looks like this dog forgot how to be a dog

16. Unfortunately, not everyone can take a good picture

17. This poor dog suddenly got some bad news over the phone

18. Some dogs have the worst poker faces

19. There’s a Pug in this photo if you look hard enough

20. She can’t believe it’s her birthday

21. That’s not a dog… that’s a Tyrannosaurus Rex

22. Help her! This poor dog is trapped in a giant bubble

23. Well, at least she quickly learned that bees aren’t as tasty as they look.

24. The handsomest dog ever

25. Is this dog a tiny bodybuilder?

26. This dog thinks he has to wait in line to get a treat

27. He’s just taking a stroll on the beach in style

28. Even this dog knows that being a mom is tough

29. They look like identical twins


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