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30 Funny Animal Photos Taken At Perfectly Wrong Moments

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Many of us try hard to snap the most wonderful, beautiful pictures of animals possible, but the results are not always satisfying. However, not everything needs to be perfect. Even they’re not perfect, they can still share with us some aspects of the animal kingdom that are much more vivid and interesting than what we think.

Have you ever tried taking photos of animals yourself? The wide world of animals is always filled with unbelievable stories that make us curious, and one of the best ways to learn more about them is just taking our lens out. You don’t need to be a professional photographer to capture some remarkable moments of the wildlife, just have fun with what you see.




Here are some “failed” pictures that were taken at the wrong moments. But… well, they’re so bad they’re good! Some of them are horrible, but they’re hilarious in their own way. Scroll down and check them out:

1. Does it taste good?

2. Okay, but why

3. Karate cat

4. Me learning to swim

5. This is not what I ordered

6. When he threw the ball, I didn’t see this coming

7. Hang on, bro!

8. Where do you think you’re going?

9. When you step into the tub but the water is too cold

10. Gotta catch ’em!!

11. A completely innocent face

12. Nobody teaches you how to knock?

13. Shut up!

14. Day 6 with siblings

15. The thirst is real with this one

16. A second before disaster

17. Now tell me, why did you cheat

18. Two sneaky thieves caught in the act.

19. You’re gonna pay for it

20. When you’re the least favourite child of the family

21. Don’t just stand there, helpppp

22. Who do you think you are?

23. Too much love, literally too much

24. Do I look like I care?

25. Dilemma, dilemmas everywhere

26. Shhh, they’re coming

27. Standing like a hero

28. I won’t take no for an answer

29. Help meowt

30. Hooman, you need to calm down

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