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The cutest cat video of the day

KingdomOfCat Admin

Cats are adorable, but they are funny somehow, today, we will share with you top funny videos, don't forget to share with your friend

1. Not gonna move until I fully charged

From @suitanko_meichan⠀

2. Who said kitties and doggo can not be friend

From Unknow

3. There must be a fish down here

From DY

4. Why get a girlfriend when you can get a cat like this

From @二货充电宝

5. Play with me, mom

From DY

6. What a patient catto

From @梦李啥都有

7. Cats just really don't care

From @17colewilliams

8. So cute lol! What is that contraption?

From   小豆子 - DY

9. This is so overload cute

From @丢丢妈妈🎹 - DY

10. Oh, you are home early mom

From @matdeuh

11. Smoker's ekekekekek, sounds like a baritone cat

From @og.miauwt

12. They're speaking the language of the gods

From @sydney_the_kittyy

13. Baby already knows how to perfectly eekeeke

From @petvibes.journal

14. The little melody at the end! I can’t!

From @thealwaysopenmouth81

15. That tail tho! ekkin’ around the Christmas tree 

From @the.allycat

16. When ekkekkekkek interrupt your cleaning...

From @curtis_steinbock

17. The drama! Perfect ekekeking behavior, go get these birdies

From @jshpilberg

18. Tschirpschirp and ekekekyaaawn, in a duet 

From @osnatsegev

19. Ekekekkekkek + purr: the perfect combination

From @oliviathe_sphynx

20. What a precious fur baby


21. Meow fest, obviously they’re excited to see Foster Dad

From @kitten_faces

22. One humans trash can is another cats toy box

From @miesthecat

23. I want a huug, now THATS relationship goals

From @black_cat_tack

24. This kitten has more energy than I'll ever have

From @zzinnbbang_

25. Feed us, hooman, bring it down

From @kitten_faces

26. I give you my kisses doggo, take this!

From @princess.planning

27. Play with me, fella, let's play

From @willowthebluemerlecorgi

28. What game is this hooman, it's kinda fun

From @ejlee_0403

29. Stick out your tongue if you want to receive kisses

From @picci.inwonderland

30. Unleash the kitties! Go

From @matatabi_neko_house

31. That nose and eyes, so beautiful

From @kote218

32. Since we’ve no place to go, let it snow, wiping the windows!

From @khaleesithekitty116

33. Woke up to found them sleeping this way, siblings pure love

From @kevin_britishcat

34. Wishing everyone a 2021 filled with good health, happiness, and more donut!

From @dunkindonutcat

35. Hi paws, meet our cutest fur baby!

From @machiyominoura

36. She immediately fell asleep in my arms, This is literally the cutest kitten I’ve ever seen


37. That squeak and purr. Ugh the best sound

From @kitty_fostering_oz 

38. What’s your cat’s favorite type of treat?

From @venustwofacecat

39. Sweet dreams to all our friends, gnight

From @kitten_faces

40. I love look on Suki’s face like the fail was all your fault

From @sukiicat

41. This was at almost 2 weeks old


42. Hear me roar hooman!, roarr

From @kitty_fostering_oz

43. Lily always has to make sure that you notice her

From @parkerandlily

44. I totally want to kiss on that baby!

From @bottlebabyfosters

45. Lovely little meerkat, this catto is beyond the cute

From @taroandzippo

46. Its more calming then racing of the heart but adorable 

From @kitten_faces

47. Are you gonna give your fur kids the coffee? 

From Htingss (TikTok)

48. Welcome to this beautiful, unlikely friendship

From @calvin.andco

49. He gets so excited when I pick him up

From laurenhathaway4 (Tik Tok)

50. Damnnnn, she really fell for him. Can’t blame her doe

From Rayrayweeks (TikTok)

51. All dads are cat lovers, they just don’t know it yet

From Editorem (TikTok)

52. FYI hooman, I’m rolling over because I want to, not because you’re telling me to.

From Amyslisz (TikTok)

53. Put your paw in mine, twin babies

From @cooper_ted_

54. Daily Apurrmations! Wait till the blink at the end

From @pawsofwinterfell

55. Thanks, I know I’m irresistibly cute, but leave me alone ladies

From @lattethecolorpointcat

56. Balance is key, slow-mo kitty karate

From @emmanueel.garcia

57. If I fits I falls

From @Shawnaleaaa

58. It’s exhausting being this cute

From @juniperthebrit

59. When your pawtner snores soooo loudly that you can’t have a good sleep

From @te.kitties


60. A classic meow meow, talkative cat

From @marleymalin

61. Come closer, you deserve the BOOP

From @zoezekebengals

62. If you sit down, you cuddle. That’s the rule

From @memycatanddi

63. Ok but he legit said “MINE”

From hudsonandgrant_cats

64. SUCH A GOOD KITTY, Ow my heart

From @2chaoscats

65. Since no ornaments were broken, he will be allowed to serve his sentence under house arrest

From Laughingwith (TikTok)

66. Taco condensation be hittin different

From Spookysophhh (TikTok)

67. You can tell these two were married in a past life

From Thoper_kinney (TikTok)

68. She really vibin now isn’t she

From Ashleyatherton (TikTok)

69. What a cute ginger loaf, pick me up hooman

From @hinako_munchkin

70. Target locked


71. Do you love to play in the snow as much as I do?

From: @ats_and_nicklas

72. Come at me 2021, I'm ready!

From @Risethepurrbox

73. That's big ol caterpillar, livin near the beach

From @thezenkitty

74. Fly high in your dreams kitty


75. this video deserves an academy award


76. Clash of the Kittens, Let's brawl

From @ruskicat

77. Cute Kitty-cat or Bouncy Bunny?

From @ninachristine15

78. Cuteness score out of 10?

From @digital_marketer_vk

79. Fashion time. Which is your favorite outfit?

From @dustin_ferry_the_cat

80. Here I come!

From @张丢丢 DY

81. This made my 2020 at last! Pawducer vs Purroducer

From @supermassivemusic

82. Rumour says that if you tickle a meow's toes, they blossom like a flower

From @te.kitties⠀

83. Notice me stop working hooman⠀

From @gupitaro

84. I'm angry but continue, or I will bite you

From Waranchaya Rujirateepath |FB

85. Don't kiss me hooman, I'm not allow

From @exotic_jubeefamily⠀

86. Baby Pooky learned how to knead dough from the best chef

From @littlemunchiepooky⠀

87. When u wake up n dunno whats goin on, not sure wat day it is....⠀

From @pazutaki⠀

88. Smelly smell that smells smelly, smel-ly cat

From @pringles_thecat⠀

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