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Gift Guide To Cat Lovers and Owner Christmas 2020

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It's a given that pets are part of the family. So, when it comes to holiday gifting, make sure the fur-babies are on your Christmas shopping list. Whether you have a friend who loves cats (or you love cats yourself!), we've got tons of ideas from stocking stuffers to one-of-a-kind cat-themed Christmas present ideas they'll remember forever. From home decor to pretty accessories and plenty of treats and toys for cats of all ages, there's something for every cat lover. You'll probably find one (or two) presents you need for your own little bundle of fur. After all, our pets give us so much! Don't they deserve to be spoiled at the holidays?

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1. Organic Cat Grass Growing Kit

This organic grass-growing kit is a fun treat for your cat to nibble! Plus, the container is pretty cute, too!

2. Ceramic Cat Measuring Cups

We can't imagine a more perfect gift for your baker friend. These sweet measuring cups are impossibly cute, and such a lovely color too!

3. The Amazing Fur Cat Bed

This super-plush pet bed will be the coziest spot in the house

4. Cat Sling Carrier

Instead of carrying his cat in his arms, he can take the hands-free route with this over-the-shoulder sling. The thick straps make it comfortable enough to keep on for hours, but the cat will really appreciate how soft and breathable the cotton pouch is

5. Cat To-Do List: What To Do Today

Let's face it: She does everything with her cat in mind. These sticky notes will remind her to keep her eyes on the prize — her cat! — while she checks things off her to-do list

6. Not Really Drinking Alone Glass

This stemless wine glass is perfect for the cat lover who also loves sipping a fine vintage

7. Cheese Toy For Cat

Exercise and fun? Your cat lover friends will be delighted. This "peek-a-boo"-style game can be set to begin automatically while they're away at work

8. Cotton Rope Storage Basket

Organize pillows, throws, or even cat toys in this cute and practical storage basket. Plus, it comes in four colors

9. Cat Tarot: 78 Cards & Guidebook

With these tarot cards, they'll get a deeper look into their past, present, and future, all while gawking at adorable cat illustrations and laughing at common-but-ridiculous cat behaviors (hiding in a paper bag, for example)

10. Cat Shaped Wine Holder

 While her cat is her true love, wine is a close second. She can combine the two with this metal cat, which closely hugs her favorite bottle of Pinot

11. Cat Paws Fuzzy Socks

If your cat lover friend always has cold feet, help her warm up with this six-pack of fuzzy paw socks!

12. Kit Cat Klock Gentlemen The Original

Go retro with a classic Kit Cat Klock

13. Travel Cat Carrier

Keep your cat safe on the way to the vet. It's also airline-approved if your cat gets to travel with you!

14. The Amazing Cat Tree

This cat tree has all the bells and whistles and is big enough for furry friends to share.

15. Ceramic Cat-shaped Measuring Spoons

These ceramic measuring spoons are adorbs, whether you use them or display them.

16. Pearl Cat Earrings

These aren't her Grandma's pearls. Okay, their like Grandma's ... but with subtle black, white, gold, or rose gold cat ears.

17. Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure

If — and only if —she has a good sense of humor, then this action figure will steal her heart. As if the Crazy Cat Lady figurine wasn't enough, it also comes with six small kitties

18. Bed and Scratching Post

Cats will love this combination scratching post and tower bed for keeping claws in shape and grabbing afternoon naps

19. Cat Life Sign

Any cat lover can related to this cheeky saying

20. Cat-Opoly

Bust out this board game to give her a good laugh. Instead of wheeling and dealing real estate, players buy cats and litter boxes to trade them for fish bones

21. Fold and Store Cat Tower

Her baby will enjoy scratching, playing, and hanging on this plush cat tree. But if she's short on space, she'll love that she can fold and store it away when guests come over


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