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40 Of The Cat-Being-Plants Moments

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If you own a cat then the miraculous transformation of the cats in to plants that we’re focusing on in this article might not be surprising for you. But, for those who have never seen or heard of anything like this before, this is going to be really amusing! Cats can become water, they can even disappear in to shadows and now, they can magically also become plants!

We have gathered a couple of cute photos of cats camouflaging themselves as plants. Check theses out and do not forget to comment!

P.S: You should avoid watering these plants!




1. Cute little plants with eyes

2. This shrub falling out of the pot…

3. A very rare shrub

4. How did you find me?

5. This cat from neighborhood comes and sits here frequently

6. This is a hybrid plant

7. I always find this cat sleeping in one of the pots in front of my office

8. A well-grown plant

9. This cat-plant, fulfilling its dose of vitamin-D

10. Got sick of all the cuddling, came here and slept

11. My neighbor’s cat always sits here

12. Adorable little kittens

13. Grew this bush

14. Water me and I’ll eat you

15. Red flower or the white one?

16. Adorable

17. My cat finds the pot more comfortable than her cushion

18. My cute cats

19. This is my bed

20. No words

21. She would rather sleep on those two pots

22. I’m growing this new kind of plant here…

23. I should probably get her a new couch

24. My cats favourite spot

25. Growing plant

26. Let me sleep

27. This cat-plant loves it when I water him

28. I often see this kittens here

29. Yes I’m the flower

30. Another cat-plant

31. I’m stuck but I don’t want to make a fool of myself so I’ll stay quiet

32. She sleeps here more often than on her couch

33. Camouflaging game strong

34. They love to sleep here, and apparently never want this plant to grow…

35. Carnivorous cat-plant

36. Look at how easily this cat got into this pot

37. Yet another growing plant

38. I love growing cats

39. Sleeping so peacefully

40. Pot kittens


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