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22 Cats Who Are Completely Shameless About Bad Things They Did

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We all love our cats, but let’s face it: sometimes they can be real jerks with naughty antics. From tearing toilet paper to stealing food, it’s clear that these cats don’t care about anyone and will continue to trouble their owners. So, what are we to do when our cats do bad things? Well, there’s not much you can do. Clean up their messes and snap a photo. After all, the mess won’t last, but that picture and memory will.

We know that it’s hard to stay mad at these lovable cats, so we would like to share with you the evil things they did. After seeing these pics, you will have to admit that at least half of the bad things your cat does are kind of funny. Scroll down to check out!




1. I think the new shelter cat we adopted is warming up to us

2. Humans need orders. Otherwise, they can’t work properly

3. It’s always tastier this way

4. We’re painting the kids’ rooms this morning. This happened because — of course, it did

5. The airport security service checked us very carefully. They found our cat in our carry-on luggage.

6. My cat occasionally visits our neighbors. Today he came back with a little snack

7. Don’t scare the cat or you’ll never find these pieces again

8. The 3 inevitable moods of cats

9. Bob the kitten did not approve of the cactus

10. When your mom turns her back and you steal the leftover corn muffins from dinner…

11. When you saw your owner’s dream

12. Yea, about that antenna…

13. I’m glad I can find a way to comfort those who need it…even in these situations

14. Sometimes, you’re just taking a shower and then you see this…

15. I don’t even know how he got up there

16. Yes, I’m comfortable, thank you

17. Left him alone for 5 minutes…

18. This was too easy.

19. She likes to ’paint’ with water from her bowl

20. Your face when your owner finds all the treasure you hid under the couch

21. This is supposed to be her cat. And I can’t even play game without her now

22. Dogs were whining at their food bin because they caught our new cat helping himself. Absolutely shameless


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