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20 Photos That Prove Humankind Doesn’t Deserve Animals

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I am sure you have heard this particular statement a thousand times but it is actually quite true. And if you think this only applies to humans, you are very wrong. You see, as humans, we have the luxury to portray our emotions, what we are feeling by speaking up or writing it down. However, animals can’t do that so we only have to rely on their behaviour and how they ct around us. Well, that and also how they look at us.



Honestly, their eyes can portray a lot of feelings. Even in pictures, you can tell if our pet is looking at us with adoration or anger. After all, humans are great at recognizing emotions on faces even when it is an animal. Now, this is not an exact science but you will see what I am talking about once you take a look at the first few images that we have compiled for you today. All of these images will definitely help us better understand animals one way or another.

1. This doggo doesn’t want to leave the toy behind

2. This will make anyone’s day better

3. This is Nakatomi and she apparently loves smelling flowers

4. Some cats just love to cuddle as does this particular Maine Coon known as Max

5. Where did this adorable floof come from?

6. When you see snow for the first time in your life

7. This is definitely a rare sight

8. This adorable kitten wants to show off her teeth

9. This is a very beautiful picture

10. The kitty becomes unable to contain her excitement

11. That is the look of pure love right there

12. This is one of the loveliest father and son moments

13. This is one good boy right here

14. Friendship knows no bounds

15. The kitty is clearly excited about the new addition to the family

16. When your pet gives you this look because they want a treat

17. When your pet sees the outside world through a window for the first time

18. We only get to enjoy their baby form for a small amount of time

19. Keep doing that

20. This is exactly how you beat a heatwave

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