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30 Adorable Comics That Perfectly Demonstrate What Life Is Like With A Cat

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If you've ever owned a cat, you will know how hilarious and crazy life can be with a feline in the house. Lucas Turnbloom and his wife certainly do, so much so that Lucas has created a comic series called "How To Cat."

The sweet black and white comics are based on the adventures of the couple's cat, Sweetie. The series has become popular with cat lovers worldwide, who just can't get enough of the crazy kitty.

Initially, the comics were just a joke between Lucas and his wife. However, she insisted that Lucas publish the illustrations for all to enjoy, and the rest is history!

The couple adopted Sweetie from a shelter after she had been unsuccessfully placed in several homes. Lucas says it took Sweetie about a month to get used to her new home and fully relax.

According to her loving humans, Sweetie is a lovely cat, however, she can get a tad crazy at times. But no one said that was a bad thing!

"I'm so happy people have found joy in this silly little comic. I hope to continue it for years to come," Lucas said. Before the "How To Cat" series became popular, Lucas was known for his Scholastic graphic novel series "Dream Jumper."

1. Christmas done right


2. I am a gift!, Your kind of gift


3. Post-poop victory kitty


4.  I require attention


5. You okay, human?


6. Remove cat... then remove, then repeat


7. Quality time


8. Don't touch! It's a trap


9. How to name them right!


10. It was just there!


11. Oh, hey! His cat want attention!


12. See step 1... repeat, again


13. It's right there!


14. Treats? Please?


15. I'm the king of the world


16. Every. Single. Time


17. Don't be fooled


18. Why don't you love me?


19. The 2am Olympics


20. Yes, destroy everything at night!


21. There's always a logical explanation


22. No thanks, I'm good with the bag


23. Accurate, how to catch a cat!


24. Weeeeee! I can fly


25. Cats are water, see why


26. Delish! Hey hooman, clean this


27. But, awwww! How can I


28. It's covered!


29. The best kind of toy


30. Split personality


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