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30 Times Cats Were So Weird That Their Owners Had To Picture Them

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Cats can be the most sophisticated animals you might come across. In my opinion, philosophers back in the day were observing cats when they figured out the branch of ”Self, Ego and Super-Ego” in philosophy and psychology. Because cats are some of the strongest beings on the planet when it comes to independence. But cats can also be weird and act up in ways that aren’t just weird but adorable too. And we humans perceive it as the best thing to come across the internet. Cats, of course, need to amuse their human slaves too, so they can mind-trick us and make us worship them even more.




So today we bring you a list of 29 kitties who are not only adorably derpy but their actions are nothing short of weird and it is the cutest thing you’ll come across on the internet today. Check these adorable fluffy feline kitties out.

1. Maybe he’s from a parallel universe

2. Kitty loves to sit the way she wishes

3. Plot twist: She’s already do

4. If he tries hard enough, he can

5. Derpy catto is not impressed at all

6. Possessed

7. Partied too hard the night prior to this

8. It’s just resting really comfortably

9. It likes it’s human

10. Just nesting out

11. No one uses their phone in this household. No one!

12. No, its the other way around

13. Stuck in his zoomies

14. What did you do to me, human?

15. Drooling little baby.

16. Bruce is a special kind of kitty

17. It’s kitty love, we humans will never understand it.

18. The king on his bed

19. He’s trying to play with them

20. Error 404: kitty broken

21. Sneak skill level: 5234532465

22. That’s a teddy bear

23. You’ll see it all your life

24. New kitten cat-cave

25. Is it just me or is this picture an illusion?

26. He’s living the dream

27. Kitty doesn’t give a furball on bad posture

28. Kitty cracked the correct way for using the treadmill

29. Baby finally gets the life it deserves

30. Aww, this poor baby looks so tired

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