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50 Drama Queen Cats Who Went Over-The-Top

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We all know that cats can be such drama queens sometimes, and it is hilarious. Their overreacting is so amusing because it doesn’t really fit with their aristocratic and confident stature. 

Let’s face it, life would be boring without their shenanigans and emotional reactions to, well, almost everything. They are not afraid to show when they don’t like something - and there are many things they don’t like.

That is why there is an endless supply of cats overreacting photos on the Internet. We have selected some of the funniest, and we know you are going to enjoy them as much as we did.




1. Wow, suprise!

2. Every Morning, Simba’s Allowed To Tan On The Balcony. But When It’s Time To Go Back Inside, He Screams

3. Taken From My Parents’ Kitchen Window. They Don’t Have Any Cats

4. My Sister Took Her Cat For A Walk Last Fall. We Still Don't Know If He Was Enjoying Himself

5. Trying To Teach My Daughter To Hold The Cat Properly And Captured This Gem

6. Wasp! Mom

7. Faking an insurance claim

8. Am I A Joke To You, Karen?

9. My Cat Demanded A Walk. Then This Happened. I Had To Carry Him Home. (He's Fine)

10. I Think My Cat Took It Personally

11. My cat when I told him just ate 10 mins ago

12. I got the chair! Ha! You lost doggo

13. He Heard Me Sneeze For The First Time

14. Felt Like I Was Interrupting A Cat Deal Today

15. Tried To Get A Pic Of The Daily Garden Haul But It Was Also Her Dinner Time

16. When Your Human Dared To Pet Another Animal. Don’t Even Touch Me, Betrayer. Ugh

17. Get Away From Me, ugh.

18. She Got Spooked by my meow meow

19. Stuck in a bad place

20. This Is Fridge. She Would Like To File A Formal Complaint With The Staff About Feeding Schedules

21. Wooo, what is that hooman

22. My Cat, When She Realizes She's Stuck

23. Opps mom, you come home early

24. Let's pawty yeah

25. So sad, so drama queen

26. Shia Caught By A Shark, little halp here mom

27. I Know How You Feel, Rosco, I Know How You Feel

28. My Buddy Dressed Up As His Cat For Halloween. Look At The Cats Face

29. What was that? Warm and ....

30. I will be mom soon?

31. Demands To Get Into Car. Proceeds To Be Shocked She Is In The Car

32. Just A Typical Bath Time With Kiwi, she though I am sinking

33. I Accidentally Turned On The News And My Cats Reaction Says It All

34. My Brother's Cat's Reaction To New Furniture

35. Our Persian Cat Staring At Our New Pup

36. Oh my gawn, what is that in the garden

37. I’m Extremely Blessed To Have My Own Tiny Lifeguard

38. My Cat Always Looks Like He Has Anxiety. Yes, He Always Looks Like This

39. Our Cat Was Forgotten Outside. She Activated Our Video Doorbell To Come In

40. Took My Boy To The Vet. This Is How He Felt About It

41. Upstairs Neighbors Are Loud. We Were Startled Together

42. Me: Maddy Is Home From Her Vacation. Dotty The Cat: Nooo

43. Gimme food, mom, he yell all the time

44. She's Been Screaming At These Water Droplets For 3 Minutes. Get Out Of The Shower You Tiny Moron

45. He's Very Concerned About Who Will Feed Him If I Drown In The Bath

46. Meet Katsu: A Dramatic And Needy Boi Screaming For His Hooman

47. Feeding Time Was An Hour Ago, Be Prepared

48. I Was A Little Late Serving Breakfast

49. Noodle Has Seen Too Much

50. I want in! No more snow, mom


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