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Photographer Takes Best Pictures Of Her Favorite Models That Are Her Own Two Cats

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Cats! What can you really say about cats? I don’t there is a word in the known vocabulary that would justify just how perfect they are. And by perfect I don’t only mean their gorgeous looks, I mean in every department. You don’t need to set up playtime for a cat, unlike dogs, because the entire day for a cat is a playtime.

Their tiny bodies easily allow them to release their energy having zoomies throughout the house and the yard. The beauty factor, although all of us are absolutely aware of this fact, can’t go ignored because we have gotta boast our floofs’ egos, right? They were built to look majestical. Throughout history, there have existed people who have fallen in love with cats for their personality and on the other side, there have also existed people who have hated cats for their personalities. But there must be a point of consensus, there always has to be. And that point of consensus is a cat’s beauty. Their gorgeous fur, adorably innocent eyes, cutest nose, and that elegant walk all add up to make cats the most beautiful animal in the world. Now, what do you do with beauty? You recognize it and share it with the world.

Cat photographer Monika Malek has 2 extremely beautiful cats who are very well aware of their beauty. According to her, every time they hear her camera turn on, they would run as fast as possible to mommy meowing with joy. Natural models!

Monika’s cats are unlike any other because guess what, they can read, sew, predict the future, cook, and are also professional photographers.

If you can’t tell, I am very curious to see them and I hope you guys are too. Scroll down below to enjoy!

Also: here is her Facebook, you can take a look for more

1. Nothing fancy here. Just an extremely photogenic cat robbing our hearts with its eyes

2. Does the cat come with the flowers? If so, take my money

3. It’s magic

4. I think there’s someone knocking on the door. I think it’s Vogue

5. Nothing means anything to a bibliophile when they start a new book

6. A gorgeous family in their happy home

7. Such vintage vibes

8. The fortune telling duo is ready to list your life

9. When you know you are the tastiest cat out there

10. The excitement does full justice to the food

11. When you try to look scary but end up making everyone laugh

12. When you are busy thinking about future and are unknowingly looking very cute while doing so

13. Two lovebirds by the window

14. No… No… this should be at the floor

15. Knock.Knock. Who’s there? Cat. Cat who? Cat you understand

16. A moment. Frozen in time. To be cherished forever

17. The vacuum cat has arrived to save the day

18. Let’s not work when we eat, okay?

19. Light at the end of the tunnel

20. Yeah right there. Hold still! Great shot

21. I must call the local police department. This needs to be reported as soon as possible

22. A multicolored floof. Such a great picture

23. Beauty comes in all colors

24. Here you see a professional chapati roller using a rolling pin so swiftly

25. Morning kissies to kickstart the day. A better energizer than a shot of espresso

26. This looks like a poster of some super romantic movie

27. Mommy stop, my hands start shaking when you bring the lens on. Let me sew in peace

28. A happy moment captured forever in hearts

29. A trail of cuteness

30. When it’s 4 a.m. but you are finally going to know who the murder is in the story

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