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Those Kitty Cat Memes Will Make Your January Better (Update Memes Everyday)

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While nobody really knows what the first meme was or when memes first originated, it’s not hard to fathom that it might have been a cat meme. Just like watching funny cat videos, cat memes featuring our favorite felines are just as hilarious.

Let’s face it, cats are the unofficial mascots of the internet. The internet loves cats whether they’re grumpy, happy, sad, or just moments from creating mischief. For that reason, we’re sure you’ll enjoy these funny feline memes.

1. This is my preferred way to watch movies

2. It seems that this cat has decided the bed in this doll house was made especially for him

3. A morning walk with your bestie is a good start to the day

4. Just enjoyed the milk, time to sleep

5. Now it’s not only CatDog but also CatRabbit

6. Been feeding this stray cat for a little under a year. Thought she was getting fat. Turns out she had 3 kittens and brought them to me

7. When you are tired of resting

8. Best spot to sleep

9. I was about to fold towels when this little girl decided to jump into the dryer. I spun the drum to try and make her leave and this was the result

10. The catto feel so hard that sleep right away



11. It’s very important to organize with an effective storage system

12. This is Jack. He hates baths, but loves sitting in his towel

13. In some families, younger children wear the old clothes of older children. In our family, our cat does that

14. Who wants a soft and kissable purrito?

15. The only family member to come and greet me at the door after 11 hours of class

16. Every time I say my cat’s name she looks at me like I just told her a sad story

17. When you are graceful even in your sleep

18. Best place to see the city, and sleep as well

19. Doing laundry… One washcloth fell on the floor…

20. I got Ham a new bed and set it down while I unloaded groceries

21. I'm still watching you, hooman

22. When you come to the barn in the morning and find a new friend there

23. “Let plant catnip,” he said

24. Merry Christmas! Here’a my cat getting busted for taking a cinnamon roll 2 seconds after we told him no

25. Help around the house? Not with these paws!

26. Chonky boi is sleeping

27. Ah, guys get a room!!

28. We definitely know that Luke has a second family now. Because they’ve dressed him for Christmas. LOL

29. I’m pet sitting. This is my friend’s cat checking me out for the first time

30. It’s hard to believe, but this is a living cat. His name is Bandit and he turned 25 years old on December 7th, 2018

31. Cats always get what they want

32. This cat’s taking drawing lessons with the help of Bob Ross

33. The cat.exe file has stopped working

34. Is my cat a witch? Please confirm

35. Did some one drop the milk?

36. I couldn’t figure out why he was looking up and then

37. Some things never change

38. His favorite way to cuddle

39. This kitties sleep like me

40. He wants this honeycomb cereal a lot

41. Yesterday was a hard day

42. I fed this stray kitten that was in my back yard yesterday. Today I came downstairs to this

43. Got my cat some fresh water in her bowl

44. Cat trying to see what his little human is looking at

45. Pur-fect balance

46. Please read the instructions carefully before assembling your cat

47. My friend Quinton has duplicate art near the floor for his cat and it’s honestly my favorite thing ever

48. How he feel comfortable like this

49. Everything is upside down

50. This is what catto fashion look like!

51. I’ve been laughing at this set of pictures for 38 minutes straight

52. Did someone order a bow of cuteness?!

53. Hide and seek

54. Somehow this freeloading cat hanging around my place ended up in my bed

55. My son and our cat every single day…

56. Why everyone call me copycat, I'm a sleeping catto

57. I want someone hug me tight like this!

58. Pink toes! That's all

59. Umh, I think my cat is broken!

60. This is what wine with me look like

61. No matter what, I still love my bed

61. Criminal void attempting to evade arrest by hiding behind boot!

62. Two criminals resting after their heist

63. His blue eyes and the black splotch on his nose are everything

64. Periwinkle

65. Hands up dont shoot. The tiny criminal surrenders

66. Omg, this smol criminal should be held in my arms as he stole my heart

67. Spooky bebby

68. He looks pretty happy! Just what he always wanted!

69. The best spot to take a nap!

70. He looks sleepy. Awwww so cute

71. Oh lil kitty jammies! So precious!

72. Look at those eyes! What a pretty, lil ball of fluff!

73. She’s already doing the cat walk

74. I love my mom so much

75. The perfect kitty holder

76. Illegally smol and exhausted

77. He has learned the power of levitation

78. Are the pillows huge or is my kitty just smol?


80. A gorgeous terrorist

81. A strict vet protocol

82. Selectively Mean

83. Oh Bea..

84. Give her the vanilla goodness she deserves


86. Sound Advice

87. The Hunter

88. Cat Rodeo, that's a good one

89. Smug as heck

90. I, too, nod with respect at this cat ninja's legacy

91. Vicious? More like he knows what he wants and what he sure as heck doesn't want

92. Well done Charlie, muahaha

93. Poop: the ultimate weapon

94. So simple yet so difficult

95. How DARE you?

96. Love your meanies

97. Forever loved and respected

98. A warning to humankind on that face if I've ever seen one

99. A sacrifice

100. Armour and helmets? Nice

101. A worthy oponent for the vet techs

102. Whap, Pap, Bat

103. Pick me up and hug me, hooman

104. Happy kitten cuddling him mum

105. My Liquor Store’s Employee Of The Month

106. This kitty must be dreaming about tuna

107. They must be sweet dreams, indeed.

108. Taking a nap

109. Sweet dream, hooman

110. Milk, please!

111. Meet ‘Dirt’, The Nevada Railway Cat That Always Looks Like He Needs A Bath

112. There’s nothing better than seeing a happy cat

113. Oscar The Truck Repair Cat Offering To Help Us Out With Our Paperwork

114. Paws up for your day better!

115. Cat Scan Assistant

116. Look at this little Sunkist!

117. Oscar The Police Station Cat

118. He’s a happy cat

119. Wide as Can Be

120. The biggest paws I every seen!

121. That’s funny!

122. Local Ace Has Greeter Pirate Kitty Named Ace— He Loves Grooming Customers

123. Therapy Cat On Patrol In The Nursing Home

124. Dedicated Cockroach Manager

125. The Best Way To Advertise Your Garage Sale Nearby

126. Ready for Some Love

127. An important component of the purrfumery!

128. Oh those tiny lil paws made my day

129. Shhh, him is sleeping 

130. I’m the queen, and I like to be worshipped

131. That is one happy kitty

132. The Doctor Will See You Meow

133. Snuggle smiles

134. The Incredible Nursing Cat

135. Can we talk about the legs?

136. It’s hard to see the smile beneath all that fur, but we know it’s there

137. Hardware Store Cat Is Skeptical Of Your Purchase

138. Meowtain Rescue, Standing By

139. You see, I'm trying to sleep here!

140. I’m not moving for the entire day

141. I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it!

142. Ooops

143. Oh those whiskers and those paws

144. So tiny, welcome to the world, lil baby

145. Oh, you are looking sad lil baby, tell me what is happen

146. He’s On His Break. He Greets People At The Drive Thru

147. A Cat Wearing An Orange Hard Hat

148. Little fur baby, so smol

149. My Tow Truck Driver Has A Cat Named Dixie With A Matching Safety Vest

150. Security Guard

151. Those fluffy black paws

152. Colonel Mittens At Your Service!

153. Sheer contentment!

154. Wanna touch my paw, hooman?

155. Bring the black beans paws up

156. This Cat Is The Manager At A Local Pet Store

157. The bigger the grin, the happier the cat.

158. I Was Once A Kitty In A Shelter & Now I’m A Cop. Chase Your Dreams. Signed, Pawfficer Donut

159. The fur cat paw

160. The original cat paw

161. Those mix tiny pink and black paws

162. What a fluffy paws

163. Good day, manager

164. Do you wanna snuck my paws?

165. Meanwhile, In Iceland

166. Paws and tail, so beautiful

167. This Stray Cat Snuck Into A Nursing Home, And Got A Job

168. The attitude paw those

169. Best paw for life, hooman

170. Gotcha you hooman

171. The paw that everyone love!

172. Ohh those pink toes beans are so adorable

173. Wanna cuddle my paws hooman?


174. Glad too see it's not just my cat that does this...

175. Her name is Elsa, I wouldn't expect any less

176. Milo is your man now.


Appreciate this curled up cat taking a cat-nap

178. Pretty sure you just got adopted by a cat...

179. Troublemaker Teddy... Why the paint?

180. Oh. OH. Poor Foosball


181. Lifeguard always on duty

182. He's not CHONK, he's just LORG!

183. Poop time is pretend you're a snail time


184. Oh LAWD he CHOMPIN'

185. I wish I knew this level of relaxation.

186. Hello George, nice to FINALLY have you home

187. Duh! You seriously? Wanna challenge me?

188. Never mind me I'm just over her ASSERTING MY DOMINANCE

189. You call it nightmares, he calls it life lessons...

190. Is there anything better than toasty toe beans?

191. Clearly, the most appropriate use of this filter

192. A master of deception!


193. That's just mean Mr....

194. Not a naughty cat, but a cat that deserves some recognition anyway (I'm not crying, you are T.T)

195. Maximum Smoosh

I bet you had no clue how badly you needed a smooshed cat in your day, did you?

196. This whole post is a rollercoaster

197. Did you compromise? Or did you give in?

198. In all honesty I'm actually a little impressed

199. Ruined you bath? Or tested your reflexes?

200. Sneaky Taco!



201. You don’t need that security deposit. Trust me

202. If I want some extra toppings on my food, I’ll have them

203. Ohh, ermm…

204. You cannot be mad. look at those eyes

205. “I was hungry..."

206. Because Im worth it

207. I now own all the pillows

208. Now you can stay home and look after me

209. Normal cheese just doesn’t cut it.

210. Your house is my litter tray

211. You must escort me everywhere

212. You should appreciate my gifts

213. You will not sleep. Human

214. None of ya business, you want some?

215. A cats gotta do what a cats gotta do

216. Because I could

217. Because you have poor taste in music

218. Whats yours is mine

219. I wanted to go swimming.

220. Curfews don’t apply

221. You should only ever need to talk to me

222. You are not getting that hard earned money

223. Make sure you do a good job of cleaning that litter box

224. You will not sleep if I’m hungry



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