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Times People Caught Their Cats Sleeping Together In Such Weird Positions, They Just Had To Share Them

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So we’ve seen cats sleep in/on/about/around just about everything possible. From trees, tissue boxes, sinks, wine glasses, shoes, terrariums, flower pots, and laundry racks the list is never ending. Just when it seemed like we were already seen just about every catnap situation, these photos of felines sleeping and resting together emerged.

People love sharing sightings of cats in the most bizarre and unusual shapes, as if they were twisted like furry balloons.




1. Dreaming of ballet

2. My two cats sleeping in their tunnel look like one extra long kitty

3. Aromatic cuddles

4. Two headed Kitty!

5. Soul Train kitty style

6. Catto wrestling dream

7. Eye of the purricane

8. NEED to kiss those kitty bellies!

9. Looks like your inbox is full

10. This is what I come home to almost every day.

11. Beautiful dreamers

12. White cat, “I was alone when I fell asleep….Hmmm.. Night night.”

13. Touching me.. touching you!

14. There’s three cat beds in the room. No need to share

15. Fascinating how they’re in separate boxes but have assumed almost exactly the same pose!?

16. At least the kitties are getting some lip-locking action

17. Another heart

18. “X” marks the spot

19. Nom, so good and fluffy

20. The three cat Siamese bobcat sled team

21. Aww they love each other

22. When you just don’t have the energy to move.

23. Well somebody needs a head…

24. Floof and Floofier

25. Looks like it’s actually two kittens and a miniature gazelle

26. Hugs, so warm, and cutie

27. I’m reaching out for you baby

28. Oops – looks like there’s two of us! Cat lover too!

29. Head butting can be so exhausting

30. Your cat bowl runneth over


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