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Fun and Cute Catto Videos vs Images Will Cheer You Up #38

The Team



1. ok hooman, i've got more burden for you


2. The gray cat said not my mommy.. might be a boy


3. A very inspiring story about standing up for yourself

From milkymutton

4. Awwww, so precious and cute

From saracxxx__ 

5. Black cats are so affectionate and lovable

From hellosquishyy 

6. "consider this as payment"

From patches.lima

7. Poor baby, I hope someone takes him home and gives him lots of food and love

From memeikrr

8. Little baby awe, make sure you're slow blinking at them to help them feel safe.

I’m thankful that this world isn’t so cruel yet, we still have people out there who care for the ones that would maybe be overlooked or discarded otherwise. So happy Maggie had someone to love her, she deserves it

From fosteringfelinesoh

9. I love how you can see Van start to realize this isn’t going to hurt

From lovenlight0013

10. I’m convinced Milan was a licensed therapist in a previous life

From arewehomeyet

11. Mother cat said "stop it or we will be kicked out of here"


12. Omg she’s so beautiful

From monique_shakur

13. Poor kitty must’ve been so mistreated

There's no better feeling than getting a feral cat to trust and love you. I now have the spiciest feral in the area living on my porch giving me headbumps.

From kittyboyandfriends

14. What a good mama protecting her babies. She’ll realize soon enough, you will not hurt her babies

She already seemed to start to realize it in the video. Worlds Best cat litter is a great product!

From davidloop65 


From packmentality 

16. super wholesome moment

From @pearlsragdolls

17. Sweet baby


18. That’s his baby now

From thenameis_ac 

19. The cat distribution system in the works

From nothangtw 

20. The most delicate of biscuits, so light and airy

From laislolly

21. The only advice they can give: *slow blink*

From @mycatjyn

22. Two souls destined for each other 

From camrynfred

23. UPDATE! He went to the vet and is now on medication

Pretty sure he coughin up a hair ball but ok

From scandinaviansweetie 

24. Wdym? I don’t see anything in the sink. Y’all don’t see him either, do you?

From marleymalin

25. YES kittens should always come in pairs

From zeroandollie 

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