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Fun and Cute Catto Videos vs Images Will Cheer You Up #53

The Team



1. And the same with 2023


2. Tia came in to her foster clinic for her dewormers and learned this trick to refuse her pill


3. almost got it 🥲

From itsyaboy22991

4. but mother, I crave violence 🥺

From @realtorbatool

5. “Tell me now, where did u hide my treat?!”

From @14_nekohouse

6. he did a lil dancey dance 🐾

From belo.rybkin

7. he really said....

From @adventuresofboandbear

8. how can I join this religion? 🙏

From @kimbahloo

9. I hunger mother! He looks like someone’s uncle

From @lisalisaandthefunkybunch

10. it’s so cute. I need 100 of them!

From albaheredia95ah

11. Meet Lula! She was rescued as a feral kitten with her sibling

They were born outdoors and didn’t have any interaction with people until they were trapped at 6 weeks old. Lula has spent the last 3 weeks being socialized and learning to trust people. She has come such a long way from the feral kitten that she was, and is ready to be adopted! She would love to find a home with her sister, Paprika


12. never related to a cat more 

From @leiatok916

13. she said look mom, I saved you some! 😇. "It was delicious Karen!"

From flowersss4youu

14. When I found Simba, he was injured and very weak

According to the vets, he was attacked by a dog or a human, and his spine was broken. The vet I took him to when I first found him recommended euthanasia for him. I refused this without thinking. How can i kill a cat that is eating and playing? Since I have no experience with paralyzed cats, I focused on him walking like everyone else. Then, as I spent time with him and saw that he was very happy, I soon realized that him walking was not more important than his life. Many vets agreed that he would not be able to walk. I try to offer him the healthiest and most comfortable life for him. Because for me walking is not more important than his life. The important thing for me is that he is happy, playing games, eating, pooping and peeing, breathing comfortably. Every cat’s character is different, some cats like to use a wheelchair, some hate it. Therefore, we must observe them and ensure that they can lead their lives in the most comfortable way


15. That adorable little paw! 


16. the BETRAYAL

From orangecatronnie

17. the enemy of my enemy is my friend 🤝

From @therealbroccolicat

18. the purrfect asmr 🥰


19. this is my tail. there are many like it, but this one is mine

From mistletoe39

20. welp, I’m down here so might as well grab it 😼

From @luana.und.cedric

21. What a transformation. How tiny and precious this kitty is!

From @emiliotheginger

22. what kind of sorcery is this? 🙀

From @reo_mango

23. who can translate?

From @catnamedroswell

24. who thinks Santa should hire Apollo to help pull the sleigh? he can certainly fly! 🚀 🛷

From @apollo_screams

25. Oh the ears!

From gretchnlynch

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