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Fun and Cute Catto Videos vs Images Will Cheer You Up #54

The Team



1. Potato is a FIV+ 5year old male

He was one hour away from being euthanized at the shelter for being too feral and aggressive. Thankfully he was rescued just in time! With a lot of patience and love, Potato has completely transformed in 4 short months. Now he loves pets, sitting on laps, and playing with his feather wand. He is patiently waiting for his forever home

From @kittyboyandfriends

2. “this edible ain’t shit”
20 minutes later:

From diwka00

3. baby bear 🐻🥺 I’m not crying your crying 

From yikesjewels

4. My tail needed a shower, but the rest of me was clean! 😹

From @vlasova_christina

5. Dream house 🤩

From @mr.kenchama

6. ekekek duet

From @catloafs_bakery

7. Like humans, females have two X chromosomes and males are XY

For a female cat to be orange, she must inherit two orange genes, one from her mother (orange, calico or tortoiseshell) and one from her father (who must be orange). A male cat only needs one orange gene, which he gets from his mother, because the gene that codes for orange fur is on the X (female sex) chromosome.


8. She’s used to getting her teeth brushed as we have done this routine since she was young

From @itmi_mi

9. Happy Mundee 😋

From @indoor_outdoor_kat


From @3and1halfdogs

11. he’s baby 🐈‍⬛ 

From henrymoobear

12. I blinked and he was there 🐈 

From @apollo_screams

13. kitty threw paws 😳

From moeforyou_

14. like little ‘thank yous’

From cracknips

15. mom said copy, paste, compress 🥹 

From buttersntoast

16. no thoughts

From @smolchickspicypep

17. refreshing 

From @sammyandjasmine

18. super picky about her toys 🥹

From jessicabaucke0

19. Gomela has hydrocephalus and takes medicine every day to control seizures

Unfortunately, it has no cure or improvement. And it could be that she will pass away in one of the seizures. So we try to give her all the love

From  @gome_la

21. the full bowl of food beside him 🙊

From bleykemullen

22. the sweetest foster baby

From @julie.n.friends

23. what did kitty say?

From R Thund3rbolt

24. why is it spicy

From @heyitsgingerandpepper

25. yoink 

From @veruuu03

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