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Funny And Cute Catto Videos Of The Day

KingdomOfCat Admin

1. I meowstache you a question, answer me now

From @chobihigeneko

2. Happy Sunday every-pawdy

From @a_cat_named_panko

3. Me having a good day

From @poonchic

4. Anything you want my fello

From @ellawatchestv_

5. When you get the feeling that Monday is something you cant avoid

From @farandi_the_fast


From @iamthecatphotographer

7. What is the meaning of all. Take note! Food is #1, always

From @teddybearandthepeople

8. DIY tip: I think I should change professions

From @charlieetheblackcat

9. Gremlin IS love, how cute

From @grim.stagram

10. It’s the swing at the end for me

From @thekittensfoster

11. I need to be involved in EVERYTHING you do. But I need pet, so do it right now

From @rudythewondercat

12. Just couldn’t help myself

From @tora_the_tabby

13. He looks fierce. Them whiskers making him angry

From @mooseyflufferpants

14. Thanks for leaving your fur on my clothes, I am so happy

From @nin_nian

15. Skip directly to step 2, pet me now

From @nellythetinycat

16. Volume up!** Just found some never-posted footage from a couple days after adopting Phinny

If you ever wondered whether he's been a loud boy since day 1, here's your answer!

Wondering why Phin is so wobbly? He was born with a condition called cerebellar hypoplasia! This means his cerebellum never fully developed, so he's missing a lot of neurons important for proper coordination. It doesn't get worse or better over time, and it's not treatable, but it isn't painful, and he's a very happy cat despite his disability

From @orangeisthenewblackandtan

17. mink mink mink, Such a fierce little lion

From @dunkindonutcat

18. Yup! That's Chikitty, aalwaayz! I got to cover under the blanket and ignore him sometimes

From mfn_lane

19. We did it. Ellie finally is jumping trough the ring, Now we will work on the height and distance. But so far she is really doing great

From @ellie.the.bluecat

20. The gentlest little lion would like his dinner

From @cassia_timo_gustav_orientals

21. Kermit is instant serotonin

From @mrkermitmeow

22. Fritz has got a lot to say, so ya’ll better listen

From @fatfritzandfriends

23. Spicy Mango, These are the best humans in the world.

From @lalibae_

24. Does this woman ever shut up, When you realize suicide only means 8 more times of this

From @badboymoosh

25. The power of adopting a pet!. Otie has added so much magic to my life just by being himself. Thanks for letting me share him with you

From @henrysthoughts

26. They have a special bond, and I just focusing that wall

From @kalliethepotato

27. Gotta blast, please not to much sugar!

From @mickeyandmort

28. I hope you’re not done looking at this because I’m not done looking at this! Timmy and Bruno are brothers from another mother and fast friends in foster care

From @campwobblycat

29. Madeleines are delicious light & airy spongecakes from France

 with a distinct shell shape. They were favoured by King Louis XV and his wife Marie, who then made them popular with the French court. Celebrate Bastille Day and eat like royalty with with these sweet little treats! Bonne fête nationale

From @princesshoneybelle

30. He’s so sweet to her it’s so cute. Well now I'm crying.

From @nala.meetsworld

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