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Kitties of 2022 Will Shine Your Day Better

KingdomOfCat Admin

1. When you see hoomin with a bowl but their smile is different this time

From @yogo_the_cat

2. These holidays let's fun the joy in the little things

From @thezenkitty

3. "I'm a 'blue sky thinker' and dream big"~Hilary Knight. Happy Whisker Wednesday

From @bunchyandsocks

4. Happy Funday y'all

From @sherlock_catonthecase

5. Who the fluff put that there?

From @20pawsdaily

6. Ready fur a relaxing Caturday at home. Have grreat weekend

From @mel.marshmello

7. Hey furriends, we woke up to snow this morning so I decided to check it out. I didn’t stay out long tho bc it was cold on my feetsies. Sound up for mother nature ASMR

From @teddieandcasper

8. Playing with our favorite toy, the box!

From @winnie.therapydog

9. Leaving behind 2021. Welcome 2022

From @littlemissandharry

10. Finding the purrfect balance with nature. Happy tounge out day

From @misurinocat

11. Even stuck at home this New Year's Eve, we hope you are still finding ways to connect with your furriends and pawmily. Happy New Year to everyone, we love you all

From @liam_the_everyday_cat & @sherlock_catonthecase

12. Hey KittyLovers! What r u up to today? I'm chilling at home watching some flying raisins! Hope you have a grreat caturday

From @nugget_meowww

13. Grabbing onto the New Year like...


14. Regular stretches are good fur ur body & soul

From @smushofficial

15. Reaching my dreams

From @kittenminnimei

16. Getting angy at the purrson who spends my entire salary

From @fluffyyuzu

17. I woke up to snow and decided to inspect for any snowmen, haven't found any yet. How's your day going?

From @cornelis_thecat

18. I think I'm thtuck like dith! Jk lol

From @caesar_abisin

19. Meow, I love my Pawther soo meowch

From @nellythetinycat

20. I went hiking with my pawrents today! Happy Waterfall Wednesday. Remember to keep hydrated

From @purrseal

21. Tackling this Meownday with a huge roar

From @yuna.the.ragdoll

22. Wait fur it

From @ragdoll.kociakzbajki

23. Parkour catto, trying to be pawsome when crush looking

From @fluffy_nerfs

24. Indoor playtime, Happy Funday dear all Kitty Lovers

From @hamishadventurecat.aus

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