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10 Signs You're A True Cat Lover

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If you're a cat lover, you'll understand these struggles and benefits!

No matter how much chaos they bring into my life, I will always love my cats wholeheartedly. I believe all cats have individual personalities that make them unique and lovable. From their precious “toe-beans” to the multitude of fashionable options depicting felines, there are plenty of reasons to become a cat person. Whether you own one, four or 8 cats, there are obvious signs that you know the struggles and blessings of loving these wonderful creatures

1. Spending the big bucks to get your cats expensive food.

Your sweet kitties deserve only the best! What're a few bucks in comparison to seeing some fat bellied cats?

2. Cat toys v.s. what they actually want to play with.

I’ve spent probably over fifty dollars on various cat toys, and for what? My four cats would rather play with my necklaces, table decor, and toilet paper instead!

3. Always browsing for cat-themed merchandise

Admit it: cat sweaters are outrageously attractive and you can’t help but want your cat’s face in the center of one.




4. Cat fur on your clothes is a reminder they love you!


If anyone gives you trouble about the amount of cat hair stuck to your shirt, remind them that love knows no boundary that a lint roller can’t fix.




5. Endless feline martial arts moves.

My cats are always going after each other to start these wild fights that look like they’re straight out of a Jackie Chan movie; however I think they’re hilarious.

6. Cats are basically your family.

Even if you’re too afraid to swaddle your cat because of the claws, you know you share a love that’s just like home.





7. Knocking. Over. EVERYTHING.

I get it, you want my attention. Or are you hungry? Tired? Just please quit knocking over my cups!

8.“What do you MEAN you don’t like cats?”

Ah, every cat person has run into someone like this. They claim cats are just not as “friendly” as dogs, but I guess us cat-people will never understand.





9. If you’re using it, they’re probably going to lay on it.

I don’t think my cats understand the concept of “alone time,” instead they’d rather lay on my papers or on my keyboard as I’m using them daily.

10. Don’t leave glasses of water out on the table. Just don’t.

Does water in a human glass taste different than in the cat bowl? We may never really know.




From https://www.theodysseyonline.com

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