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20+ Adorable Pics Of Cats Getting Along Well With Dogs That Will Melt Your Heart

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Cats seem to be the biggest jerks of dogs. Dogs are goofy and are truly human’s best friends while cats are known for being mischievous creatures. If you have both cats and dogs, you may get familiar with the scene that your cats eat in the dog’s food bowl instead of theirs. My cat even sometimes sits on the staircase, stares at my dog, and does not let him pass by. She is younger and smaller but always prefers acting like a big boss.

But not all cats are the mortal enemies of dogs. There are many cats out there that get along well with dogs. They enjoy sleeping beside their friends, playing with them and following them to every corner of the house. As they are little cutie-pies, they can’t resist cuddles and love. And their big friends are always ready to give them these. They are nice to their big brothers, so their brothers will behave the same. In the end, who do not fall in love with cute little animals, especially when they’re in a family?




If you are looking for lovely pics of cats and dogs when staying together, these are right up your street. Let’s scroll down to enjoy!

1. Even animals love a good spoon

2. My cat REALLY likes the new dog.

3. This is my absolute favorite pillow of all time

4. I love you, big brother. You check that out first, though

5. It’s always nice to have a buddy when you’re feeling down


7. You’re my black and white brother and we will be with each other forever

8. And they call it puppy (and kitty) love…

9. He doesn’t look like us, but he will be our baby forever

10. Opposites obviously attract for this adorable duo

11. This is my brother. He’s a cuddler

12. This pup has his thinking cat on

13. This kitty never wants to let go of her bestest friend

14. This big brother is not allowed to move a single inch, but look how happy it makes his baby sister

15. My cat thinks my dog is delicious

16. Just 2 best friends looking out to sea

17. These BFFs always like to be as close as possible to each other

18. A photogenic pairing of pals

19. This baby loves her giant friend with all her heart

20. This cat is his best doggo’s personal hat

21. This looks like a great spot to lay down

22. 2 besties taking a well-deserved snooze

23. There are never too many kisses for this set of pals

24. What do you mean my new favorite bed is actually a dog?

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