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Kitten Won't Go Anywhere Without Her Teddy Bear After Being Found Alone Outside

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This sweet kitten has been carrying her trusty teddy bear everywhere she goes, since she was found outside alone.



A kind-hearted lady from the countryside of Indiana discovered a tiny surprise in her barn, one morning last month.

As she set out to do some chores, she heard an animal squealing inside the barn. She followed the sound all the way to the corner, and lo and behold, a tiny kitten, around 10 days old, was lying on the cold concrete floor all by herself.

The Good Samaritan quickly grabbed some straw and put it around the kitten to try to keep her warm. After waiting several hours for the cat mom to return, there was no sight of her or other kittens. She decided to intervene when she noticed the kitten's body temperature began to drop.

She brought the little bundle of fur home and tried to feed her to the best of her ability, but the kitten was struggling to eat. Knowing that she was in over her head, she reached out to Catsnip Etc, an all-volunteer rescue, for help.



"When we got the kitten she was starving, a little dehydrated and covered in fleas," Missy McNeal of Catsnip Etc shared with us.

With the help of an experienced bottle feeder and the right food, the kitten named Cricket finally latched on and started gobbling down the formula. After combing out all the pesky fleas and filling the kitten's belly with nutritious food, Cricket perked up and looked so content.

That night, the little feline baby fell asleep in her comfy heated bed, accompanied by a snuggle teddy bear.

Baby Cricket bounced right back after a couple days of around-the-clock care. She was eating and putting on weight like a champ. From day one, she craved attention and was vocal about what she wanted.

The sweet kitten insists on having a snuggle buddy by her side 24/7. When her foster mom is not around, she will cling to her trusty teddy bear and doze off wrapping her arms around it.

"She absolutely loves her teddy bear. She has had it with her since the day she was rescued, and it goes everywhere with her," Missy told us.



"Her teddy bear is her cuddle buddy to sleep and makes her feel more secure."

Cricket is very needy around people as she's always been a bottle baby. Her teddy bear has become her go-to buddy whenever she needs a cuddle, besides her loving foster mom.

When she was ready to start her vaccines, she wouldn't go to the office without her comfort companion. Cricket held onto her teddy throughout the visit. It gave her a sense of security and made the experience much easier for the sweet kitten.

"She is super sweet and loving. She loves to cuddle her foster mom when she's tired and play with her when she's wide awake. All she wants to do is be around her people," Missy shared with us.

Even when she's hanging out with her human friends, she insists on sharing every cuddle-fest with teddy.

Cricket is entering the stage where her personality is emerging and her energy level is climbing each day.

"She is definitely getting more outgoing and she loves to run around and play. She has figured out how much fun toys can be."

The pint-sized kitten has blossomed into a striking panther kitty, but some things haven't changed.



Cricket and her teddy bear are a packaged deal. When she's big enough for adoption, her future family will have the honor to take both home.

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